The coffee in Ruskovets Thermal Resort

There are few people who start their day without a cup of aromatic coffee.

In Lavender restaurant, in Il Forno pizzeria-restaurant or in the lobby bar of the Ruskovets spa complex, order a cup of temptingly tasty and aromatic coffee.

We know very well what our guests’ preferences are and we are looking for the best coffee for the fresh start and mood throughout the day. We offer various sweet delights with coffee, but true connoisseurs drink it neat.

Here we offer high-quality coffee beans Bianchi Adore Grand Espresso, 80% of which is Arabica. This is an espresso with character that combines the highest quality Arabica from Central and South America, with selected Robusta varieties. The result is an irresistible blend with an invigorating density and captivating aroma.

Countries where coffee is grown are Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica

For true coffee connoisseurs, we offer a selection of 5 types of Bianchi Origins coffee, in doses:

Bianchi Origins Colombia (100% mono Arabica)

From the rich soils of the land, familiar with both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, only quality Arabica is drawn. Caldas, Tolima and Valle del Cauca, located at over 1,000m above sea level, exemplify the exotic regions that make Bianchi Origins Colombia a show-worthy coffee. Country of origin: Colombia

Bianchi Origins Costa Rica (100% mono Arabica)

Costa Rica’s soil is most fertile at an altitude of at least 1,200 m. Therefore, volcanic regions such as Tarasu, Cartago and West Valley are known for their amazing Arabica crops. Bianchi Origins Costa Rica selects these very vintages and roasts them to perfection – just as nobility dictates.

Country of origin: Costa Rica

Bianchi Origins Ethiopia BIO (100% organic mono arabica)

The Sidamo region in the heart of Ethiopia, at over 1700m above sea level, offers completely natural and environmentally friendly Arabica of unsurpassed quality. Touch the aroma and taste of the very origin of coffee with Bianchi Origins Ethiopia Bio. Country of origin: Ethiopia

Bianchi Origins Guatemala (100% mono Arabica)

The surprising aroma of cocoa, the bitter-sweet slightly citrus taste and the densest body in all of Central America are due to the specific microclimate of Antigua. With an altitude of over 1,500m and rich volcanic soils, Antigua is one of the five regions producing the highest quality premium coffee in the world. A must try is Bianchi Origins Guatemala. Country of origin: Guatemala

Bianchi Origins Hazelnut (100% mono Arabica with a hazelnut aroma)

With a hazelnut aroma and fruity sweetness, opens the senses Bianchi Origins Hazelnut, a selection of beans from Mojiana and Cerrado – the regions where the premium Brazilian Arabica is born on some of the richest soils in Brazil – the so-called terra roxa or red earth. And the hazelnut is really felt, just try it!

Country of origin: Brazil

Let’s give a strong start to our day with a cup of hot and quality coffee, let’s take our good mood and enjoy the day filled with such good experiences!

Picture of Vanya Grancharova

Vanya Grancharova

I actively participate in the cultural life of the tourist destination Bansko and I’m a member of the patriotic association "Dedo Lazko". I combine my commitments to the tourism business with teaching at the high school in Bansko. I am part of the author's team for the adaptation of „Slavic Bulgarian History“ for students. My favorite projects that I develop with passion and enthusiasm are: "Art Idea Bg" company for design, the internet portal for culinary tourism and the "Taste of Bansko" project as entirely my author's spaces.