The Mineral Water of Dobrinishte

Тhe town of Dobrinishte is well known from ancient times, when the Romans inhabited these lands (4-5 centuries) with its healing thermal waters.
Today, Dobrinishte is an established SPA destination with its 17 mineral springs. In a combination with the Natural Beauties of the Pirin Mountains the place is perfect for both balneology and climatotherapy.

The mineral water in Dobrinishte is hypothermic, with a temperature from 38.4 to 40.3C The content of sulphate, silicon, fluorine, and sodium is between 0.3 to 0.36g/l, and the radioactive content is from 35 to 61 Em, which defines it as slightly mineralized. The water has no specific smell and color, which makes it drinkable.

The Mineral water of Dobrinishte is used for inhalations, various external water therapies, for drinking or for a treatment cycle of at least 7 days.


I. EXTERNAL THERAPIES (mineral water bath)

*Chronic diseases of the joints, bones, muscles and tendons: chronic articular rheumatism / rheumatoid arthritis / chronic muscular rheumatism, diseases of the intervertebral joints / spondiloartrit  / non-inflammatory diseases of the joints / arthritis /, bone fractures side effects, injuries, mobility difficulties and movement limitation of the joints,  inflammation of the periarticular synovial bags / bursitis / tendon sheath inflammation / tendinitis /;
Chronic diseases of the peripheral nervous system: neuralgia, sciatica, lumbago, radiculitis, plexitis;
* Chronic diseases of the female reproductive system: chronic inflammation of the ovaries / adnexitis /, chronic inflammation of the uterus, disorders in the functions of the ovary, infertility;
Chronic skin diseases and/or itching-skin disorders: eczema and psoriasis.


* Chronic diseases of the Kidney and the Urinary System: chronic kidney inflammation  /nephritis, pyelitis/, chronic Interstitial cystitis,sand and kidney stones /nephrolithiasis/;

* Chronic Liver and Biliary Tract Disease: chronic hepatitis and side effects after treatment, gallbladder inflammation / cholecystitis /, Gallstones;
* Chronic disorders and gastrointestinal diseases: chronic gastritis, colitis, gastric and duodenal ulcers (without bleeding), chronic constipation.


*Recommended for a treatment of pulmonary diseases and respiratory-related conditions .

The thermal water at Ruskovets Resort comes from its own water spring. Both indoor pools of the complex – for adults and children, are supplied with mineral water.

The two outdoor jacuzzis in the complex are also filled of thermal water and are open for our guests all year round.

The modern water filtration system retain maximum of the healing qualities of the water.

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