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For Kids

Ruskovets Thermal Resort is a closed type resort with 24-hour security, which makes it very suitable for families with children.

Children are always welcome. The feeling of safety and the play opportunities make them happy.

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There are plenty of open-air playgrounds and spaces in Ruskovets Resort, where children can play with ball, badminton, basketball or other games. One of the outdoor playgrounds offers different children’s play facilities such as tower with a climbing wall, house with a verandah, benches and a slide, 3-seat swing, climbing pyramid, The Chicken – a spring swing and a sandpit.

The fresh mountain air makes childfren healthier and happier.

For the younger guests aged 3 to 6 years, we have s spacious children’s club with mountain views. Children can play freely with a variety of toys under the supervision of experienced babysitters /free of charge/.

During the winter season we hire children’s entertainers who create a special winter program starting at 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. The kids play zumba, participate in art workshops, dance, sing, take part in pirate parties and different competitions.

Забавлявайте се с Вашето дете в Атракционен парк „Не се отказвай“, Добринище

Изберете любимо спортно занимание за своето дете, закалете смелостта и ловкостта му с невероятните приключения в атракционния парк до Русковец Резорт. Изборът е голям, а времето ще мине неусетно, ако наемете АТВ, планински велосипеди или пояздите с кон. За по-големите препоръчваме въжения тролей и парк, както и стената за катерене. Голямо предизвикателство е да улучите мишената при стрелба с лък!

Не пропускайте да дадете различната емоция на своето дете!

За повече информация моля да се свържете с нас на телефон: 0877 369 602


Children Policy - Accommodation and Prices

  • First child up to 13.99 years stay free of charge in all types of apartments and villas.
  • First child aged 14 to 17.99, accommodated on an extra bed in all types of apartments and villas, pay 20 BGN/per night.
  • Second child from 14 to 17.99 pays 20 BGN per night for accommodation in Villa Lux (in other types of villas there is no option for accommodation of a 2nd child).
  • Baby cot for one baby up to 3.99 years is free of charge.
  • There is an extra charge of BGN 10,- per day on accommodation of a second child up to 3.99 years old overcapacity in all types of apartments and villas
  • Supplement for the 5th adult in Villa Family Comfort and Villa Family Lux – 50% of the price for an adult on a regular bed.
  • The sofa in the apartments is only for children up to 13.99 years оld. An extra bed is provided for older children.

Free services for children in the resort

By availing the service “baby time” you will find in your room the most necessary things for your infant! Welcome home!


  • Baby cot for first child up to 3.99 years
  • Feeding chairs
  • Children’s Accessories / baby pots and baths /
  • Children’s bathrobes / available upon request/
  • Children’s TV channels
  • Securing the electrical outlets /on request/
  • Indoor children’s thermal pool with a water temperature of 33 degrees Celsius

Paid services for children in the resort

  • Ski passes, ski equipment and ski instructors
  • Hourly babysitting by professional baby sitters
  • Playstation games for kids

Русковец Термал Резорт

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