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Onsen SPA center at Ruskovets Resort


(Japanese techniques and rituals in combination with mineral hot springs and pure essential oils)


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Monday - Sunday, 10:00 - 20:00
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Packages are valid for a minimum of two nights on weekdays and a minimum of 3 overnights over the weekend

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64 EUR
29 November 2019 – 16 April 2020 г.

SPA therapy for lowering stress levels and brighten tanned skin

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90 euro
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69 euro
02.09. - 05.10.2019

Kenko – from Japanese mean “health”.

Package “Kenko” include 7 therapeutic techniques focused on achieving healing effect and restore the balance between spirit and body for only 3 days.

Old Price:
101 euro
Promo Price:
77 euro
26.07.2019 - 31.08.2019
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Why Onsen?

Onsen means “hot spring” this term comes from ancient Japan, where as a result of volcano activity, many hot springs have appeared.

The combination of mineral spring water from Ruskovets Termal Spa&Ski , Japanese inspired massage techniques and rituals and a 100% pure therapeutic essential oils determines the exceptional healing and recovering power of therapies offered in the resort.

Highlights of Onsen SPA center Ruskovets:

  • The products we use to have high quality natural ingredients with effective and long lasting results.
  • The care we take of our guests to be always in balance between their health and desired results.

What Onsen treatments include:

  • Each of our SPA treatments starts with Yokoso (welcome), a ritual that includes a warm towel with peppermint and cypress essential oils, applied to the feet in order to provide a very relaxing sensation.
  • The effect is complemented by shiatsu pressure applied with the use of palms of  hands, fingers and elbows on the body to restore balance and energy flow.
  • Your Spa journey ends with final refreshing mist to bring mind and body’s awareness back together as one.

In Onsen SPA center Ruskovets you can enjoy:

Take a step towards restoring your inner harmony, giving your body refreshment and joy!

Reward yourself with a well-deserved break, rest without worrying!

Enjoy a visit at Onsen Spa center at Ruskovets Resort and experience a complete body   and soul relaxing sensation!

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