The STYX bio-modeling therapy at the Onsen Spa Center

For a beautiful body without cellulite with the Cello Gel cosmetic line

Try our anti-cellulite program with natural organic products of the Austrian cosmetic series STYX and be calm about your body in the Spring.

Why use the Cello Gel line of the cosmetic brand Styx

The Cello Gel cosmetic line has a fast and powerful anti-cellulite effect. It reduces weight by activating the metabolism. It contains active plant components that provide a pronounced thermal, lipolytic and vaso-strengthening effect.

Main ingredients of the innovative series are plantain, asparagus, aloe juice, algae, jojoba, grape seeds, caviar, currants and eucalyptus.

styx rosengarten intensive nachtcreme mit bio

What is a body wrapping?

A mandatory element of the therapy is body wrapping or body wrapping with stretching. This procedure allows to activate blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, stimulates the work of the excretory system and helps to break down fat deposits (cellulite).

How is the therapy going?

  1. Preparatory therapies with a total duration of 70 min.:
  • The therapy begins with coffee peeling. This is how cleaning and leveling of the skin tone is achieved.

Coffee contains many useful ingredients such as fats, proteins, organic acids, vit. C. These components slow down the aging processes of the skin and restore its elasticity. In addition, coffee also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

  • Followed by a body mask with Moroccan clay, which tightens and lifts the skin in problem areas. Moroccan clay has been known for centuries as a skin cleanser. It contains plant extracts of rosemary, lavender, rose, clove, myrrh or nettle, which determines the strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Thanks to its ingredients, it not only extracts toxins through the skin, but also enriches the body with various elements that revive the skin for regenerative processes.
  • Rasul and serail steam bath are also included in this therapy. Thus, the body prepares for better absorption of the clay mask and supports the removal of the surface dead layer of cells and stimulates the development of young and healthy epithelial cells.
  1. Actual therapy with anti-cellulite massage and a total duration of 60 minutes:
  • A cooling gel containing peppermint, menthol, rosemary and eucalyptus is applied to your feet. It takes care of your legs by keeping couperose and varicose veins at bay.
  • Next is the application of the Cello gel on the problem areas of the body
  • After the Cello gel, it’s time to body raping – 20 min.
  • Followed by application of aloe vera cream to soothe and deeply hydrate the skin.
  • The final procedure is a 30-minute anti-cellulite massage

Recommendations after the therapy

  • Do not take a shower or use a pool during the day, so as not to wash away the effect of the products used in the therapy
  • Drink water and walk along the beautiful eco-paths around the hotel

масаж анти целулит

Duration and price – 130 min. / BGN 276.

After the therapy, you will feel lightened, renewed, vibrant and happy, with the scent of spring flowers. Try the therapy, be beautiful and radiant, without worrying about orange accumulations in the winter!

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