SPA Resort in Pirin


Ruskovets hotel complex is situated in the immediate foothill of one of the most beautiful Bulgarian mountains – Pirin.

The natural resources of the mountain and its biodiversity are priceless. This is the reason why in 1983, Pirin was granted the status of national park by UNESCO and was included in the Convention on Conservation of the World Natural and Cultural Heritage. Also, the second-highest mountain peak in Bulgaria is in Pirin – the mount Vihren, elevation 2914 meters above the sea level.

Pirin mountain is exceptionally attractive with its possibilities for tourism all year round.

Планински разходки

In Summer

In the summer you would be able to walk in the mountain on the numerous marked hiking trails to peaks, lakes and natural landmarks. It is suitable for mountain biking with more than 200 km. routes to each town or village in the valley. If you are interested in birds, butterflies, animals or various plant types, you should consider visiting Pirin. There are very convenient places for picnic and rest that you can enjoy.

In Winter

The mountain is particularly attractive in the Winter season. There are 2 skiing centers in Pirin: Bansko, which has a worldwide resort status and Dobrinishte which is mostly attractive for the fans of ecotourism and peaceful winter break.

Банско ски
Пирин през лятото


This is the unique climate of the region which is among the greatest advantages of the destination. The winter is snowy, enabling the enjoyment of skiing, snowboarding, sledging and snowshoeing to last from December to April. The spring amazes with its wonderful colors and warm sun. The whiff of the mountain air makes the summer so enjoyable with mild temperatures and many sunny days for beaching and sunbathing. The autumn leaves more and more unforgettable impression during the years. It is long drawn out like an Indian summer right until November.


A tranquility and province’s rhythm are being felt in the town’s life. The residents love their traditions and festivals for folk art.

Every Saturday from July 1st up to September 22nd a festival “Dobrinishte summer” is taking place where on a stage at the main square many amateurs from all over Bulgaria and neighbor countries are performing.

The key event every year is the flower ritual for the ST. George’s day. Many admirers of the folklore costume are gathering there for a long and colorful “horo” dance.  

Mineral water is the treasure, hidden in the bowels of Dobrinishte. The healing mineral water has developed the hotels in the resort town. Unlike Bansko, where large hotels predominate, in Dobrinishte a spa holiday is offered mainly in family hotels and guest houses.

The largest and most modern hotel complex in Dobrinishte is Ruskovets Resort. The mineral water in the beautiful hotel complex feeds the spa center and its pools.

The thermal water from own spring gushes at the beautiful Ruskovets Resort and supplies the entire resort including the swimming pools.

More information about the thermal water can be found at the following link: Thermal water

Cultural and historical landmarks

Greece and the Aegean Sea are only 3 hours away from Ruskovets Resort. A beautiful panoramic road through the southern slopes of Pirin will take you to the Valley of Wine and the smallest town in Bulgaria – Melnik, with boutique wine cellars and cultural and historical attractions such as Rupite and the temple of Vanga, the Rozhen Monastery, Zlatolist, Samuil’s Fortress, etc. . In the region of you can visit the Rila Monastery, the churches in Dobrinishte, Dobarsko, Obidim Monastery, the church and museums of Bansko.

horizon festival 2016 p 500

Festivals and cultural events

Various festivals and cultural events are held in Bansko every year: jazz festival, opera festival, theater festivals, cooking carnivals, ballet festival, winter film festival and others.


In the destination BanskoDobrinishteRazlog, sports facilities have been built, there are conditions for golf and practicing cycling, mountain running, horse riding, fishing, football and volleyball, aerobics and sports classes, folk and Latin American dances. The place is energetic and therefore preferred for conducting yoga practices.

Русковец спорт

Visit Ruskovets Thermal Resort and immerse yourself in the authentic beauty of Pirin mountain, feel the atmosphere of the genuine hospitality and give pleasure to your soul and senses following an unforgettable break!