The innovative collection Essential shock intense line for beautiful and young skin

Essential shock intense line is the new anti-aging cosmetic line for the face of the renowned Spanish cosmetics Natura Bisse.

Why we recommend

The innovative remodeling procedures of this shockingly intense line nourish and tighten the skin and give an instant rejuvenating effect. Even just one session is enough and the skin of your face will be effectively hydrated, elastic, and your contours defined, refreshed and rejuvenated.

You can do the therapy even if you are our guests only for the weekend.

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Formulas that preserve your beauty and turn back the years

The Essential Shock Intense Line formulas include essential skin supplements that are key to maintaining a plump, hydrated and wrinkle-free complexion:

  • Proteoglycan Derma Complex – to smooth out fine wrinkles and hydrate the skin
  • Isoflavones – an active anti-aging ingredient that effectively treats age-related hormonal changes in the skin.
  • Antioxidants A+C+E with pineapple extract, soy, green tea, rosehip oil, which renew and stabilize the skin.

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What the therapy includes?

  • cleaning the face and neckline with gentle movements
  • application of enzyme peeling to smooth skin imperfections
  • revitalizing mask with pineapple and green tea
  • concentrated serum that is applied using sculpting balls
  • final cream, face and décolletage massage.

 The effect is clearly visible after the therapy

Your skin is deeply hydrated, nourished and with restored density and firmness. The contours of your face are redefined and your complexion is rejuvenated.

The benefit of using this cosmetic is that it works in depth, and not just concealing the visible changes on the skin.

Duration and price: 50 min. / BGN 120.

Don’t be afraid of wrinkles and age, they are our experience and journey through the years. Enjoy life and feel happiness every day!

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