The newest therapy we offer to try at Ruskovets Resort’s Onsen SPa this spring is an aromatherapy massage with a biocandle.

What is aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a type of alternative medicine that uses natural essential oils to treat a number of health problems.

Aromatherapy can be applied by inhaling aromas or by rubbing oils into the skin and applying various massage techniques.

Benefits of biocandle massage

The massage with biocandles, made especially for the Onsen SPA center of Ruskovets, will calm you down, relieve the accumulated tension from weekdays, give you strength and a sense of lightness and harmony with yourself and your surroundings.

We recommend to combine aroma massage with detoxification therapy and the healing power of Dobrinishte mineral water. In this way, you will achieve the full-fledged spring cleansing of the body and a complete delight for the senses.

био свещ

How the massage goes

The aroma massage is light, caressing, with long and relaxing movements, which will inevitably relieve tension, and may even take you into a pleasant slumber.

The bioaroma massage is with a duration of 45 min.

Composition of biocandles

Bio candles are made entirely of natural products.

Тhe main ingredients of the candles are:

Natural soybean sprouts harvested from soybeans grown in ecologically clean areas of East Asia. Soybean sprouts are extremely rich in nutrients.

Among the main benefits of soybean sprouts are:

  • detoxifying effect when rubbed into the skin, from where they penetrate the whole body
  • contribute to the absorption of iron by the body
  • reduce the risk of developing cancer cells
  • favor blood circulation, protect against the development of osteoporosis.

Black Egyptian honey – produced in Africa, mainly in Egypt. Bees collect nectar from cumin and despite the fact that cumin flowers are white and only the seeds are black, they give honey its black color.

Honey tastes sweet, though it’s hard to tell if it’s a treat or a medicine.


bio svesht za masazh

Benefits of black honey:

– prevents the appearance and development of cancer cells

– removes toxins and parasites from the body

– strengthens the heart and blood vessels and immunity in general

– treats inflammatory processes and has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract

– it is also used as a natural ingredient in the cosmetic industry to give the skin elasticity and vitality

Dry extract of various fruits and natural ingredients

Types of aromacandles we use in the Onsen Spa Center:

  • Candle Coconut Island

A tropical cocktail with a sweet aroma of pineapple and juicy orange, which passes into the milky core of almond and peach.

  • Mandarin and sandalwood candle

Rich aroma of dark chocolate with warm spicy nuances of tangerine and bergamot. You can feel the sweet aroma of jasmine, almond, lavender and vanilla.

  • Strong Men Candle (Egyptian black honey and tobacco)

A gorgeous intoxicating blend of ground tobacco leaves enriched with warm notes of black honey. It gives rise to an association with a romantic night, relieves stress and energizes.

bio svesht sus soevi kulnove

Duration and price – 45 min./ 80 BGN

In the Onsen SPA center you can buy aroma candles for home use until your next stay at Ruskovets Resort!

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