Team building activities are becoming more and more preferred by companies as a means of uniting their team. This is by no means accidental, considering how important good communication and understanding between employees is for work processes to run smoothly and team productivity to be high.

Sometimes in a work environment, employees communicate entirely formally and only in relation to their professional duties. Corporate team building allows your employees to communicate in an informal setting, get to know each other better, all of which has the potential to improve work communication, make teamwork more effective and improve the performance of each employee.

Where to hold the team building?

When it comes to team building – the destination is one of the most important things to pay attention to. The right choice of location is important, as it largely depends on the different types of activities and entertainment that your employees will be able to indulge in. Teambuilding in Bansko is an excellent solution for any company for several very good reasons.

First of all, Bansko and the region impress with its beautiful nature and fresh air, which will allow your team to have a quality rest and also recharge the batteries for the following working days.

къде да проведете тиймбилдинга

Another very important reason is that in all seasons Bansko offers many activities to try. During the winter season, skiing and, of course, culinary tourism are particularly preferred. During the warmer days, the weather is ideal for walking around town, exploring various natural and historical attractions in the area, horseback riding, and more. One of the important rules for your team building to be successful is to choose activities in which everyone will be able to participate and with interest. Don’t let any of your employees be disengaged from collective activities, but find activities in which all of them can participate.

Thirdly, but not least, in Bansko and the region you will find great accommodations that also offer various spa treatments, pools and other amenities that will make your stay more enjoyable.

What kind of team building to choose?

какъв тиймбилдинг дa изберем

The basis of successful team building is also good planning. It is a good idea for the head, manager or HR specialist to prepare a detailed plan with activities and games aimed specifically at uniting the team and building better communication between employees.

If you need some inspiration, here are some ideas for different types of team building activities that you can go for:

Conquer the top together

Climbing a mountain peak is an excellent idea for a team building activity. Thus, employees, as in the work process, are directed to a common goal that they must achieve together. In Pirin there are many and beautiful peaks to aim for. However, it is important to go well prepared and equipped, choose a suitable route according to the capabilities of the team members. Choose a goal that everyone can handle.

Nature walk

Similar to the first option, but with a lower degree of intensity. Thus, more employees can be involved. The walk will help your team relax, rest and explore some of Pirin’s beauty.

Culinary team building

This is another great option to bring the team together if you don’t want to head to activities that involve a lot of physical activity. Preparing different dishes as a team is fun, and each employee will have their role in the restaurant team. The bonus is that in the end, everyone will be able to enjoy the meals they prepared together. If this sounds like the perfect fit for your corporate team building, take a look at the offer of Hotel Ruskovets.

As you can see for yourself, team building in Bansko offers many opportunities that will satisfy your preferences and help you make your team more united and more productive!

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Vanya Grancharova

I actively participate in the cultural life of the tourist destination Bansko and I’m a member of the patriotic association "Dedo Lazko". I combine my commitments to the tourism business with teaching at the high school in Bansko. I am part of the author's team for the adaptation of „Slavic Bulgarian History“ for students. My favorite projects that I develop with passion and enthusiasm are: "Art Idea Bg" company for design, the internet portal for culinary tourism and the "Taste of Bansko" project as entirely my author's spaces.