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Team Building Activities

A joke or not, the table brings us together. Would you escape from your daily routine at the office? How would you feel in the unusual situation to be in a kitchen where you cook together with your colleagues, compete to each other with knife and fork in hand, then cleaning up after you and together again eat what you have created?

The culinary is an art and a means of unification

An interesting culinary program is taking place in Ruskovets Resort, Dobrinishte, under the supervision of the chef’s team at its “Lavender” restaurant. It can be attended by up to 50 persons. The preferred menu for the implementation of the team building is usually discussed in advance.

After short instructions about the rules in our kitchen given personally by the head chef, every participant will receive an apron.

The head chef presents the regulations of the culinary competition and the evaluation criteria, the menu, his concept, the necessary ingredients and how the dishes are prepared.

The roles in the teams are allocated according to the principles of the work organization in the restaurants – who will prepare the salads, who – the starters, who prefers to take part in the preparation of the main courses and desserts. However, everybody needs to become familiar with the preparation techniques of different dishes and to find out why sometimes the cooking process fails.  How do we have to combine flavors and spices, which beverage with which food is served?

The participants should be like a small orchestra where everyone takes his role and strives to do his best.

All the participants take their positions in the kitchen and after the meal preparation is complete, everything is served on the table and the presentation of the teams is discussed and assessed by a responsible committee.

The final is united and joyful eating of their own-made food.

The organization of a culinary team building event is taking place before noon.

The subscription rate per person depends on the concept of the selected menu and starts from 45 BGN.

The event is exceptionally emotional and energizing, stimulating the artistic side of the participants. It can be a mirror of the relationship in the team and can encourage its unification.

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