Tevno lake and Kamenishke lakes of Pirin

The majestic Pirin, with its peaks that rise to the sky, hides real natural jewels – Tevno Lake and Kamenishke Lakes are two of them. They are not only one of the most beautiful in Bulgaria, but also represent the ideal place for lovers of mountain tourism.

Tevno lake – a tour around the many lakes of Pirin

Tevno lake, the largest and highest lake in Pirin, is a real miracle of nature. With its elongated shape that resembles a kidney and an area of 60 acres, it is an impressive sight.

There are several more lakes around it, which create an incredible panorama:
1. The triangular lake: located below Tevno lake, with an area of only 7 decares;
2. A group of small lakes: located below Triangle Lake, the largest of which is 1.8 acres in area;
3. Oblong lake: collects the waters of the other lakes, located at 2375 m above sea level.

Тевно езеро - Най-голямото езеро в Пирин

Route from Bezbog hut to Tevno lake

The road to Tevno Lake starts from the Bezbog hut, which is easily accessible and is the ideal starting point for this route. The trail is well marked and leads through majestic mountain scenery, offering unforgettable views of Pirin and the surrounding lakes. The hardest part is up to Popovo Ezero, after that it becomes easier. Up to here, the duration is more or less an hour and a half. Next is a climb to the Samodiv Lakes, going right and following the blue markings. Once you reach them, a climb up rocks and moraines begins, which is not difficult, but requires a lot of attention. You will reach the Left Kraledvorska porta, and after a little more effort and climbing, you will have a fabulous view of Tevno Lake.

Kamenishke Lakes

The Kamenish Lakes, located in the valley of the Bistrica River, are a group of about 10 lakes, but most of them are not permanent. They are also known as Belemets Lakes and are located at the foot of the Jano and Chengelchal peaks. They are located at an altitude of 2306 and 2307 meters. The largest of them is Dolno Kamenishko lake, which has an area of 24 decares. These lakes offer unique opportunities for exploring and observing nature.

Tevno Lake and Kamenishke Lakes in Pirin are a real treasure for every mountain lover. They offer not only beautiful views, but also the opportunity for adventure and discovery of new places. Ruskovets Resort is the perfect place to relax after a long and exciting day in Pirin.

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