The amazing lakes in Pirin that are worth seeing

The Rila lakes are perhaps the most popular group of lakes, which arouses unceasing interest among many Bulgarian and foreign tourists. Although less popular, there are many lakes in Pirin that are not inferior in beauty to the Rila lakes.

According to scientists, the number of lakes in Pirin exceeds 170, and some of them are unstable and dry up in the summer. In the following lines, we will take you on a virtual walk to some of the magnificent Pirin lakes, which you should definitely include in your list of dream destinations:

Murat lake

Муратово езеро в Пирин планина
Muratovo Lake is one of the most frequently visited lakes in Pirin. There are several reasons for this. First of all, the lake is very beautiful and picturesque, and around it rise Hvoynati Vrah and also Muratov Vrah, from which it gets its name.
The beautiful glacial lake is located at 2232 m above sea level, and its area is more than 12 decares. The shores of the lake are an excellent place to picnic and relax, and you can also take beautiful pictures. The good news is that the hike to the lake is short, taking about 1-2 hours to reach starting from Vihren Hut. The route is also suitable for less experienced mountaineers.

Popovo lake


Popovo Lake is another landmark in the Pirin Mountains that will fascinate tourists. A curious fact is that it is the largest and also the deepest of the Pirin lakes. Its area is about 123 decares, and its depth – almost 30 m – enough to make it a record holder. Until the middle of the last century, it was known as Papazgöl.
An old legend tells a tragic story that took place during the Ottoman rule. In a nearby village lived a priest whose daughter was killed by the Turkish soldiers. Overwhelmed with grief, the father threw himself into the lake. Only his mud floated up. Since then, people began to call the beautiful lake by the name Papazgöl (Pope Lake).

Their lake
Тевното езеро в Пирин планина

The view that opens before you when you reach Tevno Lake is breathtaking. It is one of those pictures that is forever etched in one’s mind and makes one bow to the creative power of Mother Nature. It is no coincidence that the legends of the lake are also shrouded in mysticism. According to the most famous of them, its waters were once transparent blue and you could see every pebble on its bottom. But the real magic actually lay in the fact that the lake granted wishes. A beautiful maiden came to his shores and begged him for all kinds of things, and he fulfilled all her wishes. But she never thanked him. Angered by the young woman’s greed, it darkened. This is how it got the name Tevno (Dark) Lake.
The lake has an area of 65 decares, and there is a shelter near it where tourists can spend the night. Tevno Lake is the starting point for the Momin Dvor, Kralev Dvor and Jangala peaks.

Lake Sinanisko


Mount Sinanitsa is one of the remarkable peaks of Pirin Mountain, and at its foot lies the beautiful Lake Sinanitsa. Even if you do not succeed in conquering this peak, the rest and time spent on the shores of the lake are in themselves a delight for every tourist. Its waters are dark blue, which is due to its depth. It is interesting that, despite its small area, Lake Sinanishko is among the deepest in Pirin.

Kremenski lakes
Кременските езерра в Пирин планина

The Kremen Lakes are a group of lakes located in the northern part of the Pirin Mountains. It includes as many as 9 lakes, the largest of which is Dolnoto Kremensko Lake. It is the third deepest, after Lake Popovo and Lake Tevno.

The Kremen lakes are not that popular among tourists, as most of the famous tourist routes bypass them. However, it is definitely worth a visit. The easiest and fastest way to get to them is from the Bezbog hut.

These are only a small part of the beautiful glacial lakes that Pirin has sheltered in its high snow peaks. When you’re wondering where your next adventure might take you, visit one of these breathtakingly beautiful lakes.

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