The ski slope in Dobrinishte is one of the most attractive places for winter sports lovers in Bulgaria. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced skier, here you will find everything you need for an unforgettable winter adventure.

How to get to the ski slope in Dobrinishte?

The road to the ski slope in Dobrinishte is easy and comfortable. If you are a guest of our hotel Ruskovets Resort, you can use the convenient free shuttle to the start of the lift. For those traveling by private car, there is a large car park adjacent to the track. There are regular bus routes from different parts of the country. A two-seater lift departs from the Gotse Delchev hut, which with one intermediate station will take you up to the Bezbog hut in about 30 minutes.

”Ски пистата Добринище до хижа Безбог”

From Bezbog hut to Gotse Delchev

One of the most impressive tracks in the area is the track that connects the Bezbog hut with Gotse Delchev. With a length of 5 km and an elevation gain of 826 m, it offers unique views and challenges for every skier.

For beginners

If you’ve just started your adventure, don’t worry! In the Dobrinishte area, there are specialized schools for skiing and snowboarding, where professionals will teach you the basics of the sport.

For the advanced

For more experienced skiers, the Dobrinishte ski center offers various trails that will challenge you and give you the opportunity to show off your skills.


Ski tow: a quick and convenient way to get back to the top after every descent;
Wardrobe: a place where you can store your belongings while driving;
Equipment: possibility to rent ski and snowboard equipment.

The top part of the route, starting from the Bezbog hut and ending at the intermediate station, is ideal for small skiers and those who are just taking their first steps in winter sports. The clear visibility and gentle slope of the track make it a favorite among the organizers of children’s skiing events.

After passing the mid-station of the lift, you will encounter a section suitable for the more experienced – a steep wall that is sometimes icy. It is recommended to overcome it with care. For those who prefer an easier route, a side road tour is available.

For the little ones, who love winter joys, there is a specially designed children’s track near the Gotse Delchev hut, which is supported by two towpaths.

”лифт за ски пистата Добринище - хижа Безбог”

A little more about the lift

The line has been operating since August 1989. The lower part is 1485 m above sea level, the intermediate station is 1894 m above sea level, and the uppermost part is at 2227 m above sea level. The elevator has a capacity of 500 people. It operates daily from 8:30 AM to 4 PM, with the last boarding and disembarking at 3:30 PM.

Dobrinishte is the ideal place for anyone who loves winter sports. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, here you will find everything you need for an unforgettable skiing adventure. Enjoy the beauty of nature while riding and feel like you are in paradise in the heart of Pirin.

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