Dobrinishte Ski Center

Dobrinishte and the nearest ski center offer ecotourism through conservation of the natural resources and the beauty of Pirin Mountain.

The starting point of the ski center is Gotse Delchev chalet /1485m/. It is 12km. away from Ruskovets Termal SPA & SKI Resort. There is a paved road to the chalet which is regularly cleaned during the winter. The car parking is free of charge.
A 2-person chairlift starts from Gotse Delchev chalet and runs up to Bezbog chalet /2240m/ for about 35 minutes.

There is one ski slope divided into two branches by the halfway lift station. The total length is 5km. Also, there is a small ski slope for children and beginners near the Gotse Delchev chalet which is served by 2 tow ski lifts.

The two branches of the ski slope have different level of difficulty. They are located among a beautiful pine forest, so there is a low risk of getting loss or going out of the track.

The upper part of the track is more convenient for children and beginners. There is a steep section in the lower part of the track, after the halfway lift station. Often this part of the slope is covered with ice and it is recommended for experienced skiers.

There are always many sunny days and plenty of snow in this part of Pirin mountain.

Statistics about the lift in Dobrinishte: 

  • In operation since 13th of August 1989
  • Elevation of the bottom station – 1485 m.
  • Elevation of the middle station – 1894 m.
  • Elevation of the upper station – 2227 m.
  • Duration of the ride – 27 min.
  • Capacity – 500 people per hour.
  • Total length: 3245 m (first part – 1514 m; second part – 1731 m)

Opening hours during the winter season:
8:30 – 16:00
Last ride -15:30

Ски център Добринище гледка