Places to visit in Dobrinishte and the region

Dobrinishte is a peaceful and picturesque town, located at 850 m above sea level, in the foothills of Pirin. However, it continues to enjoy the interest of tourists, as it offers great conditions for relaxing in nature and interesting sights for those of you who like to travel and explore the unique corners of our homeland.

In this article we will take you on a virtual tour of Dobrinishte and its surroundings to tell you about some of the most interesting sights that you can visit if you decide to spend your vacation here.

The last stop of the last narrow-gauge train

последната спирка на теснолинейката

Probably you heard about the Rhodope narrow-gauge railway, which has tirelessly followed Septemvri – Dobrinishte route for more than 70 years. This extraordinary train is not only famous for being the last remaining narrow-gauge train. What wins the hearts of travelers is the incredibly beautiful and scenic route filled with breathtaking views. If you haven’t had the opportunity to ride the Rhodope narrow gauge railway, it’s worth it!

Enjoy the healing properties of the mineral springs

Спа зона Русковецс минерална вода

Dobrinishte is one of the most famous and visited spa centers in our country. There are as many as 17 warm mineral springs in the surrounding area and the water in them has proven healing properties for the body. You can visit the Dobrinishte Mineral Bath or enjoy the mineral water pools and Jacuzzis of the Ruskovets Hotel.

Go skiing in winter

Dobrinishte has managed to establish itself as one of the preferred winter resorts in our country, where you can go skiing or if you are a fan of higher-adrenaline experiences – snowboarding. The track that the resort offers is 5 km long and starts from the famous Bezbog hut. It offers trails suitable for both experienced skiers and beginners in winter sports.

покарайте ски през зимата

The church “St. St. Peter and Pavel

The church “St. St. Peter and Paul” is one of the symbols of the city, located in the heart of Dobrinishte. An interesting fact is that the construction of the Orthodox church began as far back as 1825 and was completed within a decade. Valuable Christian relics dating back to the 11th century are kept in the church to this day. At the end of last year, the domes of the church were repaired and gilded, which emphasizes the unique architecture of the church.

Sights in the region worth visiting:

The region is indeed rich in various natural and historical sights that are worth to visit. In the immediate vicinity of Dobrinishte, only about 5 km away is the town of Bansko, which is also known for its Renaissance appearance and the many museums that can be visited. There you can indulge in winter sports, try traditional Bulgarian dishes from the Pirin region and visit one of the annual events that Bansko hosts.

Nearby is the Dancing Bear Park in the town of Belitsa. At the moment, it is inhabited by over 20 bears that were rescued from a difficult fate and today they live in conditions close to their natural habitat. Visitors to the park can touch the beauty of these majestic creatures and learn more about their habits.

If you are interested in learning about other impressive sights in the Dobrinishte region, see more here:


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