The museums in Bansko. They describe a rich picture of the Bulgarians’ revival lifestyle in the 18th and 19th centuries and keep information about the cultural life and the revolutionary work of the local people. The symbol of the town is the great church “St. Troitsa “, built in 1835 and painted by famous masters from the local family Molerite. The entire museum complex includes several tourist objects: Nikola Vaptsarov’s House, Neofit Rilski House, Velyanova House, Ethnographic Museum, “Paisii Hilendarski” Spiritual-Historic Center and an Iconic exhibition.

Enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee in the center of Razlog.
With its green parks and coffee shops, small gift shops and calmful people the town of Razlog has a special charm. Families with young children will be glad to enjoy a nice walk, while children can run and play freely far from the big city noises and circulating cars.

The charming architectural villages of Leshten and Kovachevitsa.

Traditional ethno-houses made of stone and wood are romantic echo of past days and a real decor of many Bulgarian movies. Today they are a cultural and art centers and a desired destination any time of the year.


The unique “Sts. Theodore Tiron and Theodore Stratelates” church in the village of Dobarsko

A unique architectural monument from the late Middle Age of the 17th century. The church is still well-preserved and it is very distinct from average Orthodox churches. It is famous with its non-typical for the Christian painting canon symbols and images of numerous full-length figures. An image of Jesus Christ in a space rocket provokes many hypotheses about the origin of the Earth.

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