Children’s birthday in the mountain – how to organize this different experience?

детски рожден ден на планина

Soon the little one will be another year older, and it’s time for you to organize the birthday party. You want something different. You also need rest. And for your guests, you want a fresh and memorable atmosphere. Why not make the children’s birthday party in the mountains? How to organize the event? How to prepare?

A birthday in the mountains can be a really nice experience, full of fun and emotions for the child and for all your guests.

The celebration in the mountains, outdoors, will allow the children to enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful nature. For all your guests, it will also be an opportunity to take a break from the hectic everyday life and relax close to nature. The place for games is large, and with the right organization, fun for both children and adults is guaranteed.

Help with planning and organization

планиране на детски рожден ден

The first step in the organization is to look for a partner to organize the event with. For such a party, surprises for the little ones, beautiful decorations and pleasant music, good food and suitable accommodation are mandatory.

Rely on a hotel proven in the care and attention to its guests, where you will find like-minded people and professionals, with whom you can organize all matters related to the organization of the birthday event.

Contact the team of your chosen hotel in advance and discuss your ideas for the upcoming birthday. From the theme of the party to the accommodation of the guests in the rooms, from the decoration to the menu – the hotel team will be your trusted partner, without whose help the organization would be difficult and unpredictable. And without advance planning, things can easily go wrong.

Birthday theme

тема за детски рожден ден

Theme parties are children’s favorites because they allow them to dress up in costumes and transform into different characters. Choose a theme that is interesting to your child and his friends who will be attending the party. Ideas can be anything – from a favorite cartoon or book, to imaginary worlds. However, it is very important to warn the other children’s parents in advance that the party will have a certain theme so that they can prepare and follow the dress code.

The menu

меню за детски рожден ден

You will probably have two menus. One will be prepared and tailored to the children. In the preliminary organization, however, do not forget to ask if any of the children have allergies, so that you are really calm when choosing food for the little ones.

The other menu will be for adults. There are many options and everything happens according to your taste and choice.

Don’t forget the cake. Clarify with the restaurant team what your requirements are and arrange everything in advance.

Outdoor games

Игри на открито за рождения ден

You can invent and organize most of the games for children outside yourself. However, ask if the hotel offers its organization in this direction – such as entertainers or a children’s corner, for example. Make sure that the children’s time will be filled with games and activities. In this way, you will provide them with a truly intriguing and memorable experience. And you will have enough time to pay attention to all the guests.

Bonus Tips:

Let’s not miss some essential moments in planning and organization:

  • Ask if the hotel has a pool and if it will be available to your guests. Warn them to wear bathing suits. Belts for children are also among the mandatory attributes.
  • Be prepared with insect repellent. In the mountains and in nature, mosquito bites are not uncommon.
  • Consider transportation to your chosen hotel and inform your guests of your decision.
  • Make sure there is enough time until the day of the event for your guests to organize their schedule and please you with their presence. After all, every celebration is more fun with more people.

Organize a memorable children’s birthday at Ruskovets Resort!

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