Children’s Birthday

Children’s birthdays are among the most important family holidays, and the children are the most excited to welcome them. Therefore, parents usually start the organization early and look for the most suitable place. Give your child and all the guests of the celebration an unforgettable birthday at Ruskovets Resort.

We offer you the excellent opportunity to organize a fun and pleasant children’s party, full of surprises, suitable decorations, music and a delicious children’s menu. We usually organize children’s parties in the main Lavender restaurant, but we can set aside a special place in our spacious Lobby Bar. In any case, children can use the hotel’s kids’ club.

Create a wonderful outdoor birthday party on our spacious panoramic terrace, where children can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery while enjoying fun games and gifts! The spa complex has ample open space for games, two outdoor playgrounds with swings and slides, and in bad weather, children can play freely in our spacious kids’ club.

Children’s animators receive the unreserved love of the little ones. Children and animators come up with interesting games together, sing, jump, learn to dance, ask each other useful questions about nature, birds and animals. Here they play to their heart’s content. It is no coincidence that children are the reason their parents choose Ruskovets Resort again for a family vacation.

Our team will help you organize the dream birthday party for your child. Ask and we will provide you with our children’s menu. For more details and questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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