Yulenski skok waterfall and Demyanitsa river

Bansko, that picturesque, small town nestled in Pirin, fascinates not only with its beautiful nature, but also with its cobbled streets, the amazing Bansko cuisine and the various possibilities for a spa holiday. Love to visit it in all seasons? Want to diversify your next holiday there? We suggest you go to the “Demyanishka Reka” eco-trail and Yulenski skok waterfall.

How to get to the Demyanitsa river eco-path?

The Demyanitsa river eco-trail, whose full name is “Demyanishka river tells”, invites us into a world of captivating nature, where every step reveals new sights. It is located in the area of Gradishteto and is known for its untouched nature and crystal clear waters, which create the feeling of a real connection with nature. The eco-trail is located with the Pirin National Park and has a total length of 14 km round trip. Its level is of medium difficulty and you can complete the entire route in about 4 hours.

The trail starts a few kilometers from Bansko, which means that you can drive to Vihren hut by following the signs along the way. After about 3 km after Bansko you will see a Damianitsa hut sign and then you will reach a designated parking lot where you can leave your car and start your walk along the eco-trail.

Екопътека река Демяница разказва

The road to the Yulenski skok waterfall

The road to the waterfall is a real adventure, revealing the beauty of the Bulgarian mountain nature in its full glory.

The trail to the falls is well maintained and marked, offering easy access. The road is relatively flat and follows the river Damianitsa. If you walk normally for about 20-30 minutes you will reach Yulenski skok.

Yulenski skok waterfall is an impressive creation of nature in the Demyanitsa region. Its height is 9 meters and although it is the smaller waterfall in the area, it is distinguished by its incredible beauty and crystal clear waters.

If you decide to continue along the eco-trail, after about a kilometer, following the markings, you will reach the second waterfall, which is much more impressive – Damianishki jump. It is 11 meters high and although it is not among the leaders, it is extremely beautiful, especially when it is full of water. Unfortunately, you cannot “touch” it, but you can admire its beauty from afar.

Водопад Юленски скок

After you have rested, you can continue a little further and finish your adventure at Damianitsa Hut. It will take you about 20-30 minutes from the waterfall to it.

During the trek, you will enjoy the unique flora and fauna of the region, as well as unforgettable views. The waterfall is an ideal place for photographers and nature lovers who want to capture the beauty of the Bulgarian mountains.

Finishing an unforgettable day in the area of Demyanitsa and Yulenski skok, you can head to our hotel. In Ruskovets Resort you can indulge in a well-deserved rest, where comfort and coziness are combined with the magic of the mountains.

The road to these two natural wonders is not just a journey, but a journey into the heart of nature, where every step reveals new secrets and beauties.

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