Yavorov Hut and the edelweiss trail

Prefer peaceful mountain walks instead of grueling long routes? Or maybe you have children and are looking for an easy and pleasant trip for the whole family?

If you are near Bansko or Razlog and want to spend a magical day in nature, choose the eco-path “To the kingdom of edelweiss”!

Ecopath “To the kingdom of the edelweiss”

Awakening the spirit of adventure, the eco-trail “To the kingdom of the edelweiss” is a true treasure hidden in the heart of Pirin. This place, where nature creates unforgettable memories, offers a unique transition among diverse vegetation and amazing panoramas. The path passes through the area of Betolovoto, enriched with beautiful waterfalls and unique formations. In addition, it offers the opportunity to enjoy the rare edelweiss, a symbol of Pirin. Edelweiss is not just a flower, but the embodiment of the beauty and endurance of the mountain.

Екопътека Към царството на еделвайса

How to get to the Yavorov hut?

Hizha Yavorov is an ideal starting point for tourism in the region, offering coziness and tranquility in the heart of Pirin.

There are different routes to reach it, depending on your personal preferences.

The fastest way is from the area of Betolovoto, located near Razlog. The most convenient way for those who wish to visit it is by car to the Pirin Nature Park information boards, from where a yellow marking starts that leads to the hut. The route is nearly 5 km and can be completed in approximately an hour, an hour and a half.

You can also get there from Predela. Leave from the bus stop in the direction of Bansko. The crossing there is a bit more complicated and you can reach the Yavorov hut in about 5 and a half hours by following the red markings.

Хижа Яворов

Routes from the Yavorov hut

Various routes can be found from the Yavorov hut, which lead to the most remarkable places in Pirin. They are perfect for adventure-seeking families and offer exciting views of nature. The trails are well marked and maintained, which ensures the safety of tourists. Each step reveals new and impressive views, leads to hidden waterfalls and offers encounters with the unique vegetation of Pirin.

  • Yavorov Hut – next to Bayuvi dupki peak

With a length of 6 km, the route to the summit is a challenge requiring 4-5 hours of effort. It’s good to know that its difficulty is high.

The route starts from above the Yavorov hut, following double markings – red and yellow. The trail passes through a dense forest, crosses the “Bunkera” shelter and leads to the Suhindol Lake in about two hours. The lake, besides being beautiful, is the last place to fill up with water before continuing the route. After it, the ascent to the Okaden hill begins, where you need to follow the red markings to the “Koncheto” shelter. The ascent is steep and fraught with risks, crossing the Karst Edge and leading to Razlogki Suhodol, where the ascent to the summit begins.

Two options are offered for the return: back on the same road or continuation to the Vihren hut, with the possibility of reaching the peak of Banski Suhodol, followed by the Banderitsa hut and descent to Bansko. This path is particularly difficult and requires serious preparation.

  • Yavorov Hut – towards the Koncheto karst edge

This route is 8 km long one way, with high difficulty and a duration of about 5.3-6 hours.

The road starts above the Yavorov hut and the ascent is initially easy, but the slope gradually increases. After reaching the “Bunkera” shelter and the Suhindol lake, where it is important to fill up with water, because the trail becomes steeper. Stunning views of the karst formations of Pirin are revealed at the Suhodol Pass. The pass goes under Bayuvi dupki peak, reaches the “Koncheto” shelter and continues for another 15-20 minutes to Banski Suhodol peak, the beginning of the “Koncheto” karst edge. This edge is 400 meters long, in places only half a meter wide. Safety ropes must be used to cross it, which is quite exciting, but well worth the effort.

From there, the possibilities are different – descent to Vihren hut, return to Yavorov hut or descent to Banderitsa hut. This path is also challenging and requires good physical preparation.

  • Yavorov Hut – to Bayuvi dupki peak through the Bayuvi dupki circus

The route is 7.5 km long, with medium difficulty and duration of 4-5 hours. The route starts from the east of the Yavorov hut, heading towards the Yavorova meadow. The marking is green, but sometimes it is missing. After reaching the meadow, the route leads to the Kamenitish Pass. The slope increases after entering the Pogledetsa forest area leading to Sabite. On the Sabite ridge, the trail meets a red marker that leads from Yavorov hut to Vihren hut, but it is important to follow the trail to the left, which leads directly to the summit.

At the end of the day, the Yavorov hut becomes a cozy refuge where you can share stories and impressions of the experience. The edelweiss trail in Pirin is not just a hike, but a journey into the beauty and mysticism of the mountain. Every step along this route promises unforgettable moments and creates memories to last a lifetime.

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