Why choose a mountain holiday in the Summer?

Only those who have visited the mountain know what it can really offer to its “guests”. Everyone has heard of the fresh air, silence, sense of calm, coziness and relaxation that can be felt among the mountain greenery, but they can never be fully understood until they feel personally!

As they say, there is something for everyone in the mountains. You need to decide whether you prefer fluffy snow, which is perfect for practicing winter sports, the peace and quiet of winter nights spent in front of a crackling fire, or the sound of full-flowing streams and the aroma of freshly blooming herbs and trees.

The mountain has its charm during colder days and during the summer season also. Of course, each person has preferences and would choose a certain time of the year for his mountain vacation, but today we will introduce you to the experiences you can enjoy if you choose to spend your summer vacation in the mountains.

Awakening nature

Добринище красив планински град между 3 планини

The beauty of the mountain while it is covered with snow is truly incomparable, but if you want to enjoy the colors and aromas, then summer is the right time for you. Then it is the best time for mountain treks to make you forget about daily tasks and rush and just let your senses guide you through the mountain coolness and beauty.

  • Seasonality of certain tourist attractions

Spa Hotel Ruskovets is located in the quiet and beautiful mountain resort – Dobrinishte. In this area there are many interesting sights, beautiful eco-trails and incredible views. The park for dancing bears in Belitsa is also nearby. This is a park founded in 2000, whose purpose and idea is to save trained and trained dancing bears from the cruel and inhumane practices of their trainers. Since summer is the active season of these animals, then it is a good time to visit the park.

  • Also suitable for beginner climbers
  • Since the lower parts of the mountain are not frozen and icy during the warmer months, hiking is safer. This allows even novice climbers to enjoy full-water rivers and waterfalls without special equipment, but weather conditions and recommendations for visiting certain areas should always be taken into account.
  • Good weather for tents and campfires

планината се пробужда през пролетта

Summer is the perfect time to camp in the mountains. You can enjoy a barbecue under the thick shade of trees, and since the weather is warm, the evenings are not as cold as in winter, and while you are in the coolness of the forest, there is no need to worry about the summer heat. Always camp in designated areas and follow fire recommendations.

  • Perfect weather for sunbathing

If you also like to lie under the sun’s rays on the beach and do so often, you probably know the disadvantages – sand sticking to you, too many people and unbearable heat in the afternoon hours. Now imagine that all of that could be removed. In Spa  hotel Ruskovets you can take sunbath on the pool and enjoy relaxation and tranquility. Sounds great, right?

палатки в пирин планина

We’ve brought you a few reasons why it’s a good idea to spend your summer vacation in the mountains, but still, the best way to make sure is to check it out for yourself! Welcome!

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