In one of the previous articles on our blog, we told you about the interesting places you can visit in Rila. Today we continue this tradition, this time taking you on a virtual tour of some of the most exciting and curious sights in Pirin.

Pirin is a mountain that has hidden in itself countless treasures of nature – high snowy peaks, cold crystal lakes, rock phenomena that challenge the imagination and many other sights, which we will tell you about in the following lines.

Vihren – “peak of the storms”

връх вихрен в пирин - местността кончето
Vihren is the highest peak of Pirin. With its impressive 2914 m, it is also one of the highest in Bulgaria. Vihren is on the bucket list of many dedicated climbers and mountaineers because it is a challenge for anyone willing to conquer it. The reward for those who succeed – the view that unfolds from the top is truly beautiful and will make you bow down to the creations created by mother nature.
Until more than 70 years ago, it was called Eltepe – the peak of the storms. This is by no means accidental, as the weather up there often changes. Therefore, experienced mountaineers recommend that if you decide to climb it, you should definitely go prepared and check what the weather will be like. It is best to plan the climb during the summer season when the temperatures are higher.

Melnik – the smallest town


In school, you probably learned a lot of interesting facts about the geography of Bulgaria, including which is the smallest city in our country. That’s right, it’s Melnik. The city is one of the sights worth visiting if you haven’t had the chance yet.
The Melniška region is famous mainly for its wonderful wines, which you can taste in one of the many wine cellars in the area. Be sure to take home at least one bottle of wine to remind you of the comfort of this city.
If you are not one of the fans of wine, the area is also home to the famous natural phenomenon – the Melnish pyramids. An interesting fact is that the erosion of the rocks continues to change and modify their shape. So every time you visit them, they will be a little or a lot different from the last one.

Bansko – “the pearl of Pirin”

Калдаръмените улици на старо банско

Bansko is the pearl of Pirin and the most visited winter resort in Bulgaria. Its fame is well-deserved, as the resort’s slopes are maintained in excellent condition and make skiing and snowboarding a favorite pastime for many.
Apart from the ski slopes, Bansko fascinates with its authenticity, typical Bulgarian dishes and the specific dialect of the local people. There are many museums in the city that you can explore to learn more about Bulgarian history. In the summer, the city hosts various musical and folklore events that attract the interest of tourists not only from Bulgaria, but also from far corners of the world.

Dobrinishte – a cure from nature


Of course, we cannot forget to tell you a little more about Dobrinishte, where Ruskovets Resort is also located. Dobrinishte is a small mountain town nestled in the foothills of Pirin. It is endowed with peace, clean air and beautiful nature. But the most valuable gift of nature is the warm mineral springs. There are as many as 17 springs in the area, from which healing mineral water gushes. The healing properties of water have been confirmed by scientific research. Many tourists visit the place to indulge in spa treatments and balneotherapy.

Park for dancing bears in the town of Belitsa


The park for dancing bears in Belitsa was opened 20 years ago. Its purpose is to give better living conditions, as close as possible to the natural habitat, to bears that have been in forced captivity. The fate of these animals is far from easy – they are forced to dance and perform tricks to entertain people, they are kept hungry and in terrible conditions. However, they were rescued and today live in the park, where they enjoy care, attention and humane treatment. You can visit this interesting place and learn more about these majestic animals.

Baikusheva mura – a tree as old as history

на път към най-старото дърво в българия

Pirin hides another interesting treasure that we couldn’t help but tell you about. This is Baikusheva mura. It is the oldest coniferous tree in our country. And by old, we really mean old. According to the analyses, it is at the beginning of the 13th century. It is hard to imagine, but this tree has been a silent witness to the history of the Bulgarian state since its creation in the 7th century. It is about 26 m high, and the circumference of the tree is an impressive 8 m – it takes several people to caught in a circle to go around it with their hands.

Summer is approaching, and with that comes a great opportunity to spend a few free days and explore the vast beauties of Pirin. We are convinced that the mountain has something to attract your interest and capture your heart. We leave it to you to see for yourself.


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