What should we choose, a house or an apartment for a holiday?

You’re already thinking about your next vacation, but still can’t decide whether you want to spend it in a house or prefer an apartment. There are enormous advantages to choosing both options. Therefore, in today’s article, we will help you discover them and decide which option is best for you and your family.

The advantages of choosing a house for holiday

Спа хотел в банско Русковец Резорт

One of the great choices you can make is to take advantage of the vacation homes that are available. A very large yard space where you can comfortably have lunch and drink your morning coffee. Playing outside is also a great option, and the large space inside allows you to be more people.

You can choose a larger villa if you have chosen to be more than one family, as well as if you have more children. The parking space that is next to the villa gives you the opportunity to be very mobile and quickly find your way to a beautiful place for a walk. Do not forget that the privacy that the vila gives is great, and the hotel building is nearby and you can reach it with a few steps.

If you choose a large villa, it also gives you the advantage of using a washing machine, which for small children is absolutely mandatory. The microwave is a convenience that you can use only for you, and the kitchen is waiting for you if you want to prepare something quickly for the family. Don’t forget to take advantage of the hotel’s special offers for guests, so you can have an active vacation and try the delicious food at Ruskovets.

The advantages of choosing an apartment for holiday

Villa Family Comfort is with 2 bedrooms

If you still decide to go for an apartment, you won’t be wrong. First of all, you are in the main building, where you have a children’s play area, a restaurant and the SPA area. All this allows you to be the whole family in one building and everyone can do what they need.

The apartments have everything you need for a good stay. You can also use the kitchenette and make a cup of coffee in the morning. The view from the balcony is magical and we are sure you will spend a good part of the day there before noon. In the afternoons, enjoy the great massages that will definitely help you feel like you’re on a real vacation. The SPA area is open for you, as well as the Kneipp bench, on which you will enjoy a water massage of the lower limbs.

The apartment gives you the opportunity to be close to all this and to be able to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. If you still live in a vila, we recommend that you rent a villa, which will help you to be in your comfort zone, but also to feel the vacation actively.

Decide which of the two options is best for you and make your reservation today. Ruskovets Resort provides you with both options, because your comfort is of great importance to us. Use your days off effectively and enjoy great SPA treatments, quality food and entertainment for the kids. What are your available dates

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