What are the healing properties of mineral water?

лечебна сила на минералната вода

Mineral water procedures are extremely popular, and thanks to the natural mineral springs located on the territory of our country, there are as many as 47 spa centers in Bulgaria. The town of Dobrinishte, where Ruskovets Resort is located, is one of the popular spa destinations that regularly attracts many visitors, thanks to the 17 mineral springs located in the area.

The healing properties of mineral water have long been more than just a myth, and its beneficial effects have been confirmed by a number of scientific studies.

In this article, we will introduce you to the benefits you will get from regularly immersing your body in mineral water and doing therapies and treatments, but before that, what exactly is mineral water?

What exactly is mineral water?

Mineral water comes from mineral springs from a certain depth and is saturated with mineral substances, ions, salts and others. The origin of the word comes from the Latin word “minero”, which means “to mine ore”.

The word SPA (sanitas per aquas) translates literally as “health through water” and is a worldwide term for treatment and beautifying procedures using water.

After explaining the nature of mineral water, let’s dive directly into the benefits it brings to the human body

  • Influence of substances.

While relaxing in mineral water, useful substances such as zinc, sulfur, magnesium, calcium and others are absorbed by your body through the skin. Another useful quality of the water is its temperature, which is most often between 35 and 43 degrees. It has an extremely beneficial effect on muscle and joint pains or cramps. One more of the proven benefits for the body is that mineral water helps to clean the body of toxins and strengthens the immune system.

минерални извори в българия

  • Drop by drop of beauty

Mineral water has a very good effect on the skin. It cleans, renews and helps to get rid of dead cells faster. Some of the substances help to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin faster.

  • Toning the body and relaxation

Just standing in warm, mineral water is extremely pleasant and relaxing. This is a great way to release stress and tension. Forget about negative thoughts, tasks and failed plans and just feel the warmth and softness of the miraculous water!

  • Mineral water as medicine

Research and studies on the influence of this water continue to this day, but there are already many evidence supported facts that it has a beneficial effect on certain diseases. The benefits for skin, respiratory and rheumatic diseases, arthritis and muscle pain have been proven. Armed with this information, it’s a good idea if you suffer from any of the listed conditions to head to a hotel with a mineral water pool for your next vacation.

спа за двама - масаж и здраве

Bulgaria is an incomparable destination when it comes to mineral water. There are more than 600 studied mineral springs, the water of more than half of which has proven healing properties and attracts tourists from all over the world.

Ruskovets Thermal Resort has a spa complex and pools with mineral water. Here you can enjoy numerous treatments with healing mineral water or relax in the mineral pools and Jacuzzis. The hotel is located in the mountains, where the clean air contributes to better sleep, easier breathing and faster absorption of useful substances.

Welcome, feel the relaxation and rest yourself, while the mineral water and clean air work wonders for your health!


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