What activities does Pirin National Park offer us?


Pirin National Park is a protected area where sports activities and activities are permitted that do not threaten the uniqueness of the nature of the park, do not disturb the wild life of birds, animals, insects, amphibians and aquatic inhabitants. Pirin National Park is for everyone who respects the surrounding natural world, for those in love with nature, for those who study its secrets and never stop admiring its beauty.

палатки в пирин планина

Hiking is practiced in Pirin National Park.

The park is divided into areas that cover its entire area for better management and protection. Each region has a corresponding central office, and all of them are coordinated by the central office in the city of Bansko, located at 4 Bulgaria Street. A Visitor Center of the park was built in Bansko, which is at the end of the emblematic Pirin Street 108.

There are five park districts:

  • Vihren and Demyanitsa, which are accessible from the city of Bansko;
  • Baiovi holes starting from the Betelovoto area;
  • Kamenitsa and the Three Rivers covers the territory above the town of Sandanski;
  • Sinanitsa is above Kresna;
  • Bezbog with entrance from Dobrinishte.

There are seventeen lodges in Pirin.

From Bansko, you can reach Demyanitsa, Banderitsa and Vihren huts on foot or by car, from where several key routes depart. The most visited trails from the Vihren hut are to Okoto Lakes, Fish Lakes and Muratovo Lake, as well as the ascent of the Vihren peak. The walking route from the quarry along the Demyanitsa river to the hut of the same name is impressive with the coolness and freshness of the old pine forest. From the Demyanitsa hut, the exceptional view of the Vasilash Lakes is worth it, and for the more prepared, the Todorini Ochi lakes.

Hotel “Ruskovets” – Vihren hut 23km. on a nice asphalt road. In the summer, there is a ban on the movement of cars from the Shiligarnika area to the Vihren hut during the day from 8:00 a.m.

Hotel Ruskovets – Karirerata area – 14 km. The nice forest road from the Quarry to the Demyanitsa hut is 5 km long.

Dobrinishte is the gateway to Bezbog. The lodge is large and well laid out. At the end of June, it is popular for welcoming the sunrise on Popovo Lake on the longest summer day of the year. To enjoy this remarkable moment, depart from the lodge an hour and a half before dawn at 4:30. From Bezbog, the routes are not easy, but quite surprising with the high mountain lakes hidden beyond the peaks. If you climb Polezhan, you will see the mysterious Disili Lake. You will catch a glimpse of the Lady with the Coca-lake at the foot of Gazei, and from the so-called “premka” the panorama of Popovo Lake is amazing. For the advanced, there is Mount Jano, from whose ridge you can see the three Kremenski lakes. This is also the way to the most photographed place in Pirin – Tevno lake with Kamenica peak.

Hotel “Ruskovets” – Hut Gotse Delchev – 12 km. on a nice asphalt road

Razhodka v planinata po Velikden

Hut Gotse Delchev-hut Bezbog with chair lift- 30 min.

From the area of Betelovoto is the forest road to Hizha Yavorov. The distance is 9 km. From the Yavorov hut, there are challenging routes along the ridge of Koncheto to Vihren, to Doutov vrah, to the Stepalata rock massif, etc. This is the marble part of the mountain. You will not see lakes here because the water sinks deep under the stone embankments to come to the surface in the flat sub-mountain fields. Remarkable are the abyssal valleys with steep walls and dangerous screes of the Razlozhki Suhodol and the Banski Suhodol, which were formed as a result of the action of glaciers hundreds of years ago.

Hotel Ruskovets – Betelovoto /in the direction of the town of Razlog/ – 20 km.

Other lodges in Pirin:

The huts are connected by good infrastructure to the villages from which the routes to them depart.

  • Pirin – departure point from the town of Melnik;
  • Malina – 18 km from the starting point, the village of Pirin;
  • Lagera 16km and Zagaza 22km from the starting point in the town of Kresna;
  • Moravitsa – departure point from the village of Brezhani;
  • Sinanitsa, Begovitsa at 29km, Yane Sandanski at 18km from the starting point in the town of Sandanski to Popina Laka;
  • Perdel – fork before the highest point of the Perdel pass;
  • Poppy meadows at 16 km. from the starting point the town of Gotse Delchev, it is interesting with the ascent of Mount Oreljak;

At the foot of Pirin, outside the territory of Pirin National Park, various activities and sports team building are offered. Bansko, as an established center of the destination, concentrates the efforts of all those involved in sports.


What you can practice:

  1. Paintball

Paintball in Bulgaria is a new sport, born in 2005. Ivaylo and Marian Ikonomovi from Bansko, who got to know the sport while living and working in Austria, took up the mission of popularizing paintball. As “IMI SPORT” they organized the first professional paintball tournaments in Bulgaria and founded the Bulgarian Paintball League. In the vicinity of Bansko, they set up two areas for paintball in the middle of a forest, offering full equipment and professional instructors. The services they offer are paintball for children, for adults, archery tag and team building. “IMI SPORTS” organize the only corporate team building events with paintball in Bulgaria with up to 100 participants. Classes are organized with a minimum of 10 participants. Children must be over 10 years old. The price is BGN 30. per person with full equipment and instructor included.

  1. Cycling


Bansko is an established destination for mountain biking. There are numerous cycling tours that connect the villages in the valley in a network: Bansko, Dobrinishte, Banya, Pirin Golf Club. Many of them have funny names like:

  • “Cunning Lady”,

“Kalnata Banya” – a long route from Bansko to Mocharata, Gotse Delchev hut and Obidim village,

  • “Pirin Golf Club” is a route in the western direction from Bansko to Pirin Golf Club with a length of 20 km. Style: cross-country.
  • “Perfect Day” – The route departs from the park’s Visitor Information Center in a westerly direction. Although only 16 km long. it is extremely exciting with climbs and steep descents, with cycling in the middle of a forest
  • “The dead dog” – again starts from the Visitor Center of the park with a steep ascent to the former station of the Council of Ministers and moving in an eastern direction, in a forest towards the areas of St. Nikola and Barevi swamps. Initially, the ride is only in the forest, and the return tour is on Polish roads. Length 16 km.
  • “Road to Nowhere” – 28.5 km long cross-country tour with high difficulty.
  • “Chalin” – is a route for professionals. It is named after the area Chalin Valog, which is known for the first ski slope in Bansko. The route is steep and difficult for fans of enduro and freeride. Length 4 km. with the highest point 1467 m.a.s.l. and the lowest – 997 m.a.s.l.
  • “Who dares to win” – a downhill style course, part of the Chalin route. A difficult route with a length of 75 km.
  • “Road to Nowhere”,
  • “Mechoka” – a downhill style course
  • “Tegata” – downhill style track
  • “ViK” – a downhill-style course
  • “Dobrinishte Family Trail” – Starts from Bansko with a length of 17 km. in cross-country style on the Polish roads and among the widening fields. In the morning it is lit by the sunrise, and in the afternoon it falls in the shadow of the Pirin skyline, which is quite pleasant.

The routes are followed by a professional instructor who knows the terrain well. Companies specializing in this service offer mountain bike wheels and equipment. Renting a bike costs BGN 30. per day, and the tours – BGN 60. per hour

  1. Rock climbing

Traverses for rock climbing for amateurs are built on the rocks in the area of Peshterite near Bansko. There is an established rock climbing school in Bansko. Traditions are associated with the team of the Mountain Rescue Service in Bansko. Famous climbers from Bansko from the past are: Dimitar Burdarev – participant in the expedition to climb Everest, Nikola Proev, in whose honor a national mountain rally competition is organized every year at the end of winter.

Near the “Ruskovets” hotel is the “Mountain Club Bulgaria” adventure center. A rope park in a pine forest for young and old and a climbing wall have been built here. Horse riding, ATV, jeep safari and more are also available.

  1. Rafting on the Struma River

Pirin is a watershed of two rivers: Mesta and Struma. The southern slopes of the mountain rest on the valley of the Struma River. Near the Kresnen Inn is the river rafting center. In Bansko, the rafting organizer “Adventure Net” has its own office.

  1. 5. Off-road jeep safari with a guide:

Tour around Bansko lasting about two to three hours. The routes pass in the sub-mountain areas, around the beautiful Belizmata and Krinitz reservoirs.

Off-road jeep safari from Bansko to Melnik with a visit to the Rozhen Monastery. Duration: 5-6 hours

Off-road jeep safari from Bansko to Belitsa with a visit to the Dancing Bear Park

Off-road jeep safari around Bansko

Duration: 2-3 hours

  1. Horse riding

The center for horseback riding in the Razlozhka valley is the village of Bachevo. Several horse bases have been built there, and the walks and free riding are led by proven professionals. Although in Rila, the destination is close to Bansko and Dobrinishte. Those wishing to visit the place will be amazed by the panorama towards the peaks of Pirin.

In Bansko, the “Koserinata” horse base operates in the area of the same name above the Visitor Information Center of Pirin Park. The base is on a wide meadow surrounded by forest. After the ride, you can take a walk in the nearby countryside, pick wild strawberries and herbs for tea.

Атракционен парк „Не се отказвай“ в Добринище

  1. Rila fun park at 12 km. from Belica

Fun area near the Dancing Bear Park in Belitsa. The attractive roller coaster descends along inclined serpentines and then enters the Rila forest. The length of the rails is 1400m. The highest point is at 1345 meters above sea level, and the lowest – 1200 meters above sea level. The working hours of the park are every day from 10:00. until 18:00 Tickets for children for one descent are BGN 10, and for adults – BGN 15.

Парк за танцуващи мечки

  1. Fishing

There are several places where you can catch fish and then eat it deliciously. This is the old fish pond in Dobrinishte, located by the road to Gotse Delchev hut, Krinets and Belizmata dams near Bansko, Rila fish near Belitsa.

Ruskovets Hotel is a partner of local businesses. With us you can get detailed information about all activities in the region.

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