The Samodiv Lakes or the so-called Kralevdvor Lakes

Samodiv Lakes, also known as Kralevdvor Lakes, are a pearl in the crown of Bulgarian nature. Located in the northern part of the Pirin Mountains, these lakes represent not only natural beauty, but also a place shrouded in mysteries and legends that come to life with every step along the paths to them.

The legend of the Kralevdvor Lakes

Kralevdvor Lakes are shrouded in many legends and superstitions, which give a mystical aura to this natural treasure. According to legend, Pirina was the mountain of the god Perun. Whenever strong winds blew, the mountain began to sway and rumble. The old shepherds believed that when such weather came, they had angered the god of storms.

God Perun lived together with his eight daughters. Whatever he ordered them to do, they always did. One day, however, the young girls heard the bells of a flock of shepherds and the beautiful sounds of bagpipes. They liked it so much that the girls wanted to see the young shepherds up close. Their father could read minds and when he found out what the girls wanted, he got angry. Birds and beasts fled, stones began to fall. The girls tried to lie to their father that they had no thoughts, but out of jealousy and anger, he threatened to kill them. The saddened maidens began to cry and thus the 8 lakes appeared. In order not to give them to anyone, Perun turned them into 8 self-divines, one on each lake.

According to one of the most common beliefs, the lakes were still inhabited by the Samodivas, who used their waters for their nightly bathing and dancing. It is believed that whoever sees the self-divine will be overcome with eternal love and sadness. This legend attracts many tourists who want not only to enjoy the beauty of the lakes, but also to feel the magic that surrounds this place.

Самодивски езера

How to get to Samodiv Lakes?

Access to the Samodiv Lakes is a challenge that requires preparation and confidence in the mountains.

  • The beginning of the journey to the Samodiv Lakes usually begins with a drive to the Gotse Delchev hut.
  • You can take the lift to Bezbog hut.
  • You will have to walk from Bezbog hut to Popovo Lake for about an hour and a half. The hardest part is right at the beginning.
  • The Popovo Ezero road to the Samodiv Lakes takes about 40 minutes on foot. Go right along Popovo ezero and you will come to a wide meadow. You will see a fork where you should go right. If you continue straight, you will reach Jangal Peak. You only follow the blue markings.

Next is the ascent to the Samodiv Lakes themselves, which are located at different heights, and the road passes through a variety of terrains – from green meadows to steep cliffs and impressive cirques. It is important to follow the markings carefully as the route can be difficult to orientate for people without mountain experience.

Кралевдворски езера

The trip to the Samodiv Lakes is full of beauty, challenges and the opportunity to meet the legends of Pirin. Every step along the path to the lakes is an opportunity to enjoy incredible views, touch the mysticism of the place and discover part of the richness of Bulgarian nature.

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