The Horse pick in Pirin – the favorite of adventurers

If you’re a fan of high-adrenaline experiences, chances are you not only know about the Horse, but you’ve already conquered it at least once. For the rest, in the following lines we will tell you interesting facts and stories about one of the most extreme places not only in Pirin, but also in the Bulgarian mountains as a whole. This sharp edge has deservedly earned the fame of a dangerous place, making it a favorite challenge for all climbers, mountaineers and adventurers at heart.

A little more about the Horse

Кончето е връх в пирин с формата на конKoncheto perhaps is the most famous saddle in Bulgaria and one of the places in Pirin that never ceases to attract tourists. It rose to more than 2,800 m above sea level and is located between two of the Pirin peaks – Mount Kutelo and Mount Banski Suhodol.

It’s not just the height that makes anyone who dares to climb the 150 meters on the back of a Pirin horse wince. The path along the edge is steep and narrow, narrowing at times to less than 50 cm., and on both sides gape deep chasms, from which thick clouds often descend.

Adventurers who have successfully tackled this challenge share that when they stand on the edge and look at the narrow and dark path ahead, one feels small and frightened, but at the same time realizes the greatness, power and beauty of nature.

Interesting facts about the history of the Pirin horse

съвети за преминаване на Кончето, ПиринHave you ever wondered where the name saddle comes from? According to those in the know, before the steel safety rope was delivered, enthusiasts crossed the edge by “riding” it like a horse. Today, tourists can walk upright along the route, but the name remains.

Another interesting fact is that for the first time Koncheto was successfully crossed in winter conditions way back in 1934. And the success was the work of Prof. Lyuben Telcharov, who, in addition to his passion for medicine, was also an avid mountaineer and founder of the first in Plovdiv Student Alpine Club. During this daring venture, the professor is accompanied by his friend and photographer Nikola Mironski, who captures the moment.

Unfortunately, over the years there have been no shortage of tragic incidents that ended in death for the people who tried to subdue the Horse. Therefore, experienced mountaineers always remind that one should always go to the mountains well-equipped and prepared, and not rely on the benevolence of nature or one’s luck.

Tips for crossing the Horse – what you need to know?

Chances are the adventurer in you has already started exploring the route and can’t wait to come face to face with the Horse soon. However, you should keep in mind that the overall route is long and tiring. In case you are not physically fit and have no experience in climbing, it is a good idea to first gain skills with easier and safer transitions, and when the time comes, take on this challenge as well.

It is extremely important to be well equipped with comfortable shoes, suitable clothing and a raincoat. Also, carry enough food for the trek and also water as it is difficult to get up there.

For additional safety, a railing and a steel rope have been placed along the route, which helps tourists to cross more easily. If you are afraid of heights, however, this is certainly not the best place for you and you’d better choose another mountain walking route.

It is best to embark on this adventure in the summer and be sure to check the weather forecast beforehand, as weather conditions in the mountains change quickly and can be dangerous.




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