New top location for private parties – at a hotel in the mountains

Ruskovets Resort – what makes it suitable for private parties

You gotta love the mountain. May it be in your blood. To be inspired by the harsh expanses, and closing your eyes not to be afraid of the wind. And if you’re a city person, you need a pier.

More about the hotel

Ruskovets Thermal Spa and Ski Resort is at the foot of Pirin, in a unique symbiosis with the land, sun, water and people. It was built with respect to nature, facing the southern sun and gently caressed by the wind, sheltered by a cherished hill. It’s nice, welcoming and spacious. Ruskovets is the only hotel in the region with silver bells, ringing with a unique ring every thirty minutes of the endless flow of time. A sound reminding of the value of the moment, of love, a friendly hand and shared joy. Why are we mentioning all this, you may ask? Because of the invisible thread of past, present and future. In fact, the makers of the bells in question are not random. They are the heirs and guardians of the tradition of the bell makers from Bansko – the Veleganovi Brothers, creators of the bells on the clock tower at the church of St. Trinity” in Bansko nearly 130 years ago.

Advantages or what does Ruskovets offer?

  • Unique nature for every season.

In winter – warmth, coziness, warm mineral pool and spa center with a different philosophy, skiing, snowboarding and sledding, real snow.

In the coming months: the nature born for a new life and the seemingly impossible coexistence of winter and spring. Summer is a hot kiss, sunbathing, mountain hikes and festival days. And when the sunset towards the end of August burns crimson red, its rays slide along the wide hotel avenues, reaching the panoramic terrace of Il Forno. We have captured many unforgettable moments from the breath of nature in Ruskovets. We’ve seen the moon “climbing” the stairs of the Lavender restaurant in October, rain blessing an amazing wedding, warm evenings for jazz dates, and numerous stars on clear nights.

  • Good organization and professional team

And every private party that has happened with us has been different, but one thing is exact and clear: the good organization and the professional team of the hotel. Whether you will organize your wedding, a private occasion or a gathering with colleagues, you can count on flexibility in the proposals and correctness.

  • Restaurant with open terrace and panorama

The restaurant part is prudently separated from the hotel block with its own external and internal entrance. Lavender is a bright and stylish main restaurant with 130 seats. “Il Forno” is a daytime restaurant with an Italian menu, oven-fired pizza and a summer terrace, near the indoor mineral pool. Capacity: 28 seats. The special offer for private parties is the Velvet nightclub with 40-55 seats. A spacious lobby bar and 24-hour reception are available.

  • Comfortable and spacious apartments and detached villas

Accommodation is provided in the main hotel building and in independent two-story villas. Accessibility for strollers and people with special needs is ensured everywhere. The heating is ecological, carried out by means of heat pumps and automatic temperature regulation. It is important to note that all rooms are south-facing – another plus to the quality of the living environment. To it we add the special attitude to light and natural materials: stone, wood, fabrics and green filters.

The bed base includes:

  • Junior one-bedroom apartments – 22 units.
  • Two-bedroom apartments Senior – 11 pcs.
  • Villas Familia and Villas Lux – 34 units.
  • Spa relaxation and pleasures

A tamed natural element is a real boon. An “onsen” or hot spring is a spa center with therapies inspired by the Japanese sense of the fullness of life. The attitude towards nature and health is expressed in the use of essential oils, aromas and natural products, rituals to harmonize the body and remove accumulated stress through various manual techniques. The powerful power of essential oils, concentrated in just a drop, has long been known to mankind. Every therapy at Onsen Spa begins with just that: “Yokosu” – a “welcome” ritual where a warm towel with mint and cypress oils is placed on the feet.

Zenshin, Shinrin-yoku, Tendeki /enjoyment/, Ikikaeru /restoration/, Owai /celebration/, Ikigai /the secret of happiness/ are just some of the therapies at Osnsen Spa that characterized by specific elements to the familiar classical, relaxing, deep-tissue, restorative, aromatherapy massages and practices. Their power is further activated by the use of hydrotherapy, baths, outdoor Jacuzzis and relaxation in a warm mineral pool. Here we make a mandatory note that in the region rich in mineral springs of the Razlog valley, only the mineral water of Dobrinishte has proven healing properties.

  • Activities for every season

The joy of winter is in the mountains. Ruskovets complex is conveniently located between the two ski centers of Bansko and Dobrinishte. For avid skiers and for those who want to try this sport, our partner “Pirin 2000” – a company for skis, snowboard equipment and the offer of preferential prices. An additional convenience is the free hotel transport to the starting station of the gondola lift in Bansko and back.

Walking among the pine forests on paths in the lower part of the mountain is a real climate therapy. The healing properties of pine air for problems of the upper respiratory tract have long been known. In addition, light physical activity is suitable for all ages. It speeds up the metabolic processes in the body and tones it up.

Ideas for several walking routes that are suitable in all seasons:
From the starting station of the lift in Bansko to the area of Peshterite along the ski road.

The slope of the terrain is slight, and the well-trodden snow does not allow the shoes to get stuck. The route passes by the large moraines of the Glazne River and reaches a historical point – the Kalyata fortress – the last fortification of the Bulgarians against the Turks. A tall rock called the Grandmother tells the story of the old woman who taught the conquerors how to take the fortress and then petrified herself. Nearby is a secured natural wall for rock climbing, for which an information board has been placed. At noon, the sun shines all over the road, which becomes an extremely lively place. The pleasure is complemented by the possibility of coffee, tea and eating in neat establishments along the river valley. In one direction, the route takes about 30-40 minutes. The path further goes along the Banderitsa River. The Whisper of the Forest tells another dramatic story of that time – the legend of the beautiful Todorka, daughter of a bana, defender of the fortress, who fled to the mountain tops to preserve her honor and be immortalized in the name of Todorka Peak and the beautiful lakes Todorina Ochi .

Hut Gotse Delchev to the Mocharata area along a wide forest road in mixed forests. The swamp is a wide meadow with a beautiful panorama towards Mount Desilitsa.
Bezbog hut next to the premka. You will need snowshoes for this. In good weather there is an exciting view of the Sivria, Jano and Jangal peaks. For well-prepared mountaineers equipped with snowshoes is the incredible route to the summit of Bezbog. A mountain guide, experience and understanding of the unforgiving elements of the mountain are an absolute necessity here.
The ruins of the oldest settlements in the valley are in the area of St. Nicholas. To get to it, from the Dobrinishte-Bansko road near the church “St. Georgi”, turn off on the Polish road towards the mountain. The strategic location and observation post is elevated above the valley and protected by high sheer cliffs. It is part of the old mountain road that leads in both directions: to Dobrinishte and Gotse Delchev, Bansko and Razlog. This line is well known to mountain bike enthusiasts and is included in their maps.

·       Amusement park “Don’t give up” in Dobrinishte.

It is located near the complex. It offers many sports services suitable for team building, variety and adrenaline rush. The rope park has two levels of difficulty, a climbing wall, ATV machines and horse riding. Special offers are available for guests of the Ruskovets complex.

Party in Ruskovets Thermal SPA and SKI – pleasure and touch of nature!

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