Mountain biking has become the favorite sport of many around the world in recent years. It offers you to enjoy breathtaking mountain views, beautiful nature and fresh air while riding your bike. Enthusiasts are not lacking in our country either, as the diverse relief and beautiful Bulgarian mountains offer a wide selection of routes of varying difficulty – some of them suitable for beginners, and others reserved for only experienced professionals and lovers of highly extreme experiences.

For the most interesting and exciting routes for планинско колоездене в Пирин

We will tell you in the following lines.

маршрути в пирин за колоездене

Variety of routes in Pirin

Pirin is one of the mountains that offers over 20 different routes suitable for mountain biking, and some of the most popular are located in the Bansko area. This is no accident, because in the last 11 years, the Mountain Biking Organization has taken on the ambitious task of developing the conditions for mountain biking in the region and is making significant progress in this direction.

At the moment, 7 routes for mountain biking have been built, and the total length of the marked routes is about 200 km. They are of different degrees of difficulty, so even if you are a beginner in mountain biking and you are not looking for high adrenaline, but you want to enjoy the beautiful views, you can still do it.

And here is some information about the different routes:

Ponderosa route

The Ponderosa is the route with the highest level of difficulty – 5 stars. It is therefore suitable for well-equipped and experienced cyclists. The route is 42 km long. and starts from Predel area. There are two possible branches, one of them to the area of St. Ekaterina, and the other goes through old forest roads to the village of Bachevo.

Route A perfect day

The Perfect Day route has a difficulty of 4 stars and a total length of 18 km. It starts from Bansko, passing through the Pešterite area, Ovinache – the old Roman road at the foot of Pirin – Paligoden Monastery – Belizmata dam – Stoichov well – Betelovoto area.

Cunning Lady route

The Cunning Lady route has a difficulty of 3 stars and is quite thematically marked with pink markings. The route starts in Bansko, the final destination is the village of Banya, and along the way you will find enchanting mountain views.

Dead Dog route

Don’t let the name scare you, this is not the most difficult route. “Dead Dog” is rated 3 out of 5 stars for difficulty. This is one of the most popular mountain biking routes in the area. It unfolds at the foot of Pirin above Bansko and in the direction of Dobrinishte: Bansko – DKP – St. Nikola – Dobrinishte – Bansko and the length of the entire route is 23 km.

Route Road to nowhere

A road to nowhere is a scenic route that starts from Hizha Bezbog, passes through Dobrinishte and reaches Bansko. You should know that the route is only descent. The length of the route is 20 km, and the difficulty is 2 stars.

Kalna Banya route

This route has a length of 15 km and a difficulty of 2 stars. It represents a descent from Gotse Delchev hut – through a forest road in Pirin – Obidim village – Dobrinishte.

The Flying Scotsman route

колоездене в Пирин по маршрути

In addition to its name, the Flying Scotsman also impresses with the scenic area it passes through. The route is a descent from h. Bezbog to Mocharata area along the old forest road ending in Dobrinishte or continuing to Trionska Polyana and going down to Bansko. The length is 22 km and the difficulty is 3 stars.

As you can see for yourself, Bansko offers a variety of opportunities for mountain biking. It is recommended that if you decide to conquer one of these routes, you do so with a specialized guide who knows the area and the routes t

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