Massage with hot volcanic stones – therapeutic warming and relaxation in one

Massage with hot volcanic stones, called “hot stone”, is an ancient therapy for manipulating soft tissues and muscles through heat and pressure. Heated smooth basalt stones, chosen specifically for their ability to retain heat, are placed along the body’s meridians and reflex points to relieve muscle pain and stress. Using direct heat, the placed stones help to relax the muscles, and the subsequent massage performed directly with the stones allows reaching the deeper muscle fibers.

In addition to relaxing the muscles, this type of therapy also has a pain-relieving effect and works for fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic joint problems and other diseases with a pronounced pain syndrome;

The tension in the muscles affects the mobility of the joints and leads to general stiffness and prevents free movements of the body. Relaxation of muscle fibers significantly improves joint comfort and facilitates movement.

It reduces anxiety and stress and improves the quality of sleep, especially for people with a dynamic and demanding daily life.

Reduction of physical and mental tension and increased mobility of the body, achieved during a massage with hot volcanic stones, complement standard manual therapies, therefore hot stone therapy is not only a method of relaxation, but also an effective means of alternative medicine and complements the treatment of chronic diseases.

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