Routes from Dobrinishte to Gotse Delchev hut

Ecopaths from Dobrinishte

Dobrinishte is a typical Bulgarian town with family houses, small courtyards and a provincial idyll. It is widely known for its healing mineral water and the fact that it is the last stop of the Rhodope narrow-gauge railway. Dobrinishte has a mascot: Pirincho the bear, located in the park next to the town square. This is the settlement with the most churches in the region: “St. Peter and Paul”, “St. Virgin”, “St.St. Cosmas and Damian”, “St. Marina”. The Desilitsa river passes through the city, along the banks of which is the popular silver spring.

Routes near Dobrinishte

Добринище е в Пирин планина

  • Dobrinishte – monastery “St. Pantaleimon”. Duration approximately an hour and a half. The fork to the place is on the left, immediately after the last Dobrinish houses in the direction of Gotse Delchev hut. The forest road winds through a beech forest. You will not be surprised by the special place where the shrine is built: naturally protected and extremely beautiful. The monastery’s holidays, which are celebrated with village sacrifices, are: July 6 – the old Atanasovden, honored as the ancestral protector of the residents of the nearby village of Obidim; July 27- St. Pantaleus the Traveler; August 15 – Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and September 8 – Nativity of the Virgin. The place is suitable for a picnic. In the courtyard of the monastery there is a fountain, benches and tables. The church was restored ten years ago and is now in very good condition. Rooms are available for pilgrims to stay. The sanctuary of the monastery is the icon of St. The Mother of God is dignified, having found the way to the temple by herself in the distant 1909. and kept as a dearest relic.
  • Dobrinishte – area of St. Nicholas. Distance 2.4 km, walking duration about 30 minutes. St. Nikola is a place high above the Razlozhka valley, protected by sheer cliffs and hidden from view. Archaeological excavations show a long-lived ancient settlement with medieval strata, possibly connected to the old trade route at the foot of the mountain.

Dobrinishte is the gateway to Pirin National Park and the Bezbog park area

This is the granite part of the mountain, distinguished by a wealth of waters, majestic panoramas and mystical legends. The asphalt road to Gotse Delchev hut /1895 m.a.s.l./ is well maintained and 10 km long. It takes 30 minutes by car. Hut Gotse Delchev is in the Logovete area. Easy and more difficult trails start from here. The microclimate and suitable altitude have long determined this part as suitable for climatotherapy and treatment of people who have problems with the upper respiratory tract, recover from pneumonia and need to toughen the body. Traces of the numerous recreation centers and school camps hidden in the forests are still visible.

The walks around the hut are very pleasant and on well-trodden forest roads. The tranquility of nature extinguishes the tension accumulated from everyday life, and beauty in all directions brings pleasure. The routes are suitable for people of all ages and children. They are also preferred for mountain biking without being extreme.

Минзухари в Пирин















What to expect near Gotse Delchev hut

In March and April, colorful meadows with blue and yellow crocuses. You can search among them and find a unique find: the rare white crocus. Near the hut there is a fishpond with fresh trout – a good idea for lunch. Coniferous plantations are white pine. The period is suitable for picking white pine tips for tea and the so-called pine honey.

In May, spring reaches the meadow in front of Bezbog hut, which changes its color to deep purple from the crocuses. The ice cap of the lake is melting. Pirin is still too harsh to relax in its arms. The mountain gates are closed by large snowdrifts and only the most prepared and well-equipped mountaineers, knowing the vagaries of the weather, can step into the icy heart of the mountain.

In June: lush spring flowers, a true botanical paradise, babbling brooks and bird serenades, colorful butterflies. The deep yellow bloom of the dandelion is remarkable. Herbalists are aware of its health benefits for urinary tract problems, gallstones and similar ailments. Dandelion sugar syrup, also known as dandelion honey, is a great addition to tea in winter.

A long June day can be quite fruitful. The evenings are still cool, but there are no mosquitoes and any other unwanted insects. The initial flowering of the thyme on the wide Mocharata meadow begins. The foresight can provide you with the medicinal herb for tea. Mountain picnics away from the crowds in summer are a good idea.

June 22 is a great opportunity to welcome the summer sun at Popovo Lake. The moment when the sky meets the earth at sunrise on the longest day of the year is deeply revered by the ancient Thracians. Researchers believe that there was a Thracian sanctuary near the shores of the lake, and the Thracian road to the top of the mountain passed along the valley of the Retije River. The idea requires an overnight stay at the lodge, because of the early rise and departure an hour and a half before dawn.

Paths from Gotse Delchev hut

  • From Gotse Delchev hut to Mocharata area. Distance: 4.4 km. Walking tour: 1 hour. The forest road is steep and wide. A full-water stream flows through the wide meadow of the Swamp. A beautiful panorama opens up towards Mount Desilitsa
  • From the Gotse Delchev hut to the six walls to the intermediate lift station along the ski route; Distance: 4km. Walking tour: 1 hour
  • From Gotse Delchev hut to Ivan Kozarev’s fountain. The road starts from the fork to the village of Mesta. It is interesting. The numerous places with rest benches and water fountains maintained by the local people make an impression.
  • Dendrological route from Gotse Delchev hut /1895 m.a.s.l./ to Shirokata polyana and the area “Izvorite” /2130 m.a.s.l./. The line is part of a route marked with brown paint to the Kremen Lakes. You pass through an old and well-kept forest, part of the land of the village of Kremen, which the locals jealously guard against intruders. You will be surprised along the way by nice picnic spots with a fountain, grill, gazebo, but inaccessible to the “uninitiated”, for a simple reason – the water is released from a secret place, and without water nothing can happen. The idea of the route is to get to know the different vegetation belts in the mountain, which are clearly recognizable. The end point – Izvori, is in the belt of squats and high mountain meadows. You will fall in love with this place from the first time and forget the steep path in no time.

After a whole day in the mountains, a happy moment awaits you – the warm mineral pool and jacuzzi of the “Ruskovets” hotel. To this you can add a spa therapy for relaxation and toning or a sports massage in the “Onsen Spa”!

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