In the heart of Pirin, one of the most magnificent mountains in Bulgaria, there are hidden natural treasures that attract mountain lovers from all over the world every year. Among them are the Kremen Lakes and Mount Jano — the pearls in the crown of Pirin, which offer unforgettable experiences and exciting challenges for every tourist.

Round trip from Bezbog hut to Kremen Lakes and back

The journey to Kremenski Lakes starts from the Bezbog hut. One of the easiest ways to get to the hut is by chair lift from Dobrinishte. This is the starting point of an exceptional route that leads to the heart of Pirin and reveals the beauty of the glacial lakes.

Кременските ледникови езера

  1. From the Bezbog hut to the Lower Kremensko lake

To get to it, you need to go along the left bank of Bezbojko Lake. The path splits and you need to take the left route again. When you reach the Fish Ponds, you need to take a left again. Then they start climbing moraines through pine forests and squats, offering breathtaking views. Follow the red marked stones. The total duration here is between 2 and 3 hours.

Lower Kremensko Lake is the largest of the group and is known for its crystal clear waters and impressive views of the surrounding peaks.

  1. Upper Kremensko lake

After a short climb, visitors are met with another magnificent lake that glistens under the sun’s rays. It is much more beautiful than the Lower, but it is also shallower than it.

  1. The ice lake

The highest of the group, snow can often be seen around it even in summer, and ice blocks float inside the waters.

Kremenski Lakes are a group of nine glacial lakes located in the heart of Pirin. They are known for their blue waters and impressive views. Each of them has its own unique beauty and offers different opportunities for photography and recreation.

Climbing Mount Jano

Climbing Mount Jano is a challenge worth trying. The peak offers incredible views of the Kremen Lakes, Popovo Lake and others in Pirin. The road to the top is filled with rocky terrain and requires good physical fitness, but the reward is unforgettable.

Връх Джано извисяващ се между Попово езеро и Кременските езера

It leaves from Ice Lake on an unmarked road. After climbing the highest part of the ridge, you will see a clear path.

Visiting the Kremen Lakes and Mount Jano is an unforgettable adventure that offers exciting moments and amazing views. It is a place where nature and tranquility merge to create memories for everyone. Whether you are an experienced mountaineer or looking for peace in nature, the Kremen Lakes and Mount Jano are the perfect place for you.

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