How many ski slopes are there in Bansko and which one should we choose?

In the last few years, Bansko has been unquestionably at the top of the list of the best winter resorts in Bulgaria. There are many reasons why the mountain town attracts the attention not only of domestic tourists, but also of many foreign visitors. We must mention the beautiful nature, the authentic Bulgarian cuisine, the historical sights, as well as the cultural and musical events that are often organized in the city. Last but not least, these are the wonderful conditions for skiing that Bansko offers, and because of which it is gaining fame beyond the borders of Bulgaria. In this article, we’ll tell you a little more about the skiing opportunities at the number 1 winter resort and how to find the right slope to show off your pole skills.

How many ski slopes are there in Bansko?

мъж кара ски край банскоThe resort offers excellent conditions for skiing and snowboarding, which are in no way inferior to other popular winter destinations in Europe. There are a total of 17 ski slopes in Bansko, the total length of which exceeds 70 km. Traditionally, the official opening of the ski season is in December. The high altitude of the resort, guarantees the lovers of winter disciplines that they will be able to enjoy the tracks until April.

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The tracks are well maintained and marked. It is indicative of the high level of the resort that in the last few years, Bansko has repeatedly hosted some of the prestigious sports competitions such as the World Snowboarding and the World Ski Cup.

Which track should we choose?


One of the most important criteria to consider when choosing a track is of course your own fitness level – whether you are a beginner, advanced or expert. The good news is that Bansko has something for everyone, so no one will be disappointed.

Ski slopes for beginners

Probably the biggest hesitations and difficulties to choose would be beginner skiers who have just begun to discover the intricacies of this wonderful sport. Therefore, we will start with the suitable options for beginners. In Bansko, this is 30% of all tracks. They are wide enough and will give you the opportunity to get enough practice before you face the more difficult trails. In the list of tracks with a low level of difficulty are Bansko, Plateau-1, Shiligarnika-1 and 2.

If this is your first ski season, be sure to go prepared with the necessary gear. The resort also has ski and snowboard training centers where you can get your first lessons from trained instructors.

Advanced ski slopes

If you are already more confident in your skills and can safely call yourself an advanced skier, then there are many options in front of you, as you can use almost all the slopes – including those for beginners. This guarantees you a dynamic and varied experience that you can enjoy for hours. Among the slopes you can conquer are Balkaniada, Todorka, Yulen, Plateau 2, Strazhite, Chalin valog 1 and 2.

Ski slopes for experts

If you are a skilled ski master, then the Tomba track is the biggest challenge for you. The track is named after the famous Italian racer Alberto Tomba. It is the most difficult track in the resort and it hosts the world competitions that we told you about earlier. The track is capable of challenging even professional athletes who spend hours in preparation. The descent is exciting and filled with a lot of adrenaline, but we advise you to take on this challenge only if you have the necessary level of training. Otherwise, you may put yourself and the other skiers around you at risk.

As you can judge for yourself, Bansko will provide suitable conditions for everyone, regardless of the expertise they have. If you want to enjoy the snow cover, fresh air and exciting sensations, then by all means free up the weekend and load the skis in the trunk. Be sure to check the current weather conditions and track conditions to ensure an enjoyable and memorable experience.

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