Home office in the mountains – a different experience

Home office – a term we hear very often in recent months. Completely unexpectedly, 2020 brought with it a different new reality, namely the pandemic and the numerous subsequent restrictive measures that totally changed the daily life of each of us. As for the working environment, one of the biggest changes is that many people in Bulgaria have had to work from home for the first time.

Working from home undoubtedly has its advantages, but it also has certain challenges that you have to deal with on a daily basis. One way to do it is by taking a more unconventional approach. In this line of thinking, you might not take the term “home office” too literally, but instead indulge in a different experience – a home office in the mountains.

What are the advantages of a home office in the mountains?

  • Working from home, especially if you haven’t had to before, can be stressful and chaotic. Sometimes it is difficult to separate your work duties from your home duties, and the concept of vacation is also very conditional when you are a home office. In the long term, this can lead to burnout, stress build-up and reduced work productivity. To provide you with a different and much more pleasant experience, Ruskovets Resort offers its guests the opportunity to choose a special home office package for their stay. A home office in the mountains has great advantages that you can benefit from:


·       Quality rest    

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest advantages of choosing a home office in the mountains is the opportunity to have a quality rest after the working day. Every day you will enjoy the beautiful view from your window, the clean mountain air and the green forest. When you are resting, you have the opportunity to take a walk in nature, which will help you relax your mind and reduce your stress levels. Ruskovets Resort is a unique closed complex, surrounded by a beautiful pine forest and a superb view of the beautiful peaks of Pirin, which you will not get tired of contemplating.

релакс и работа в планината

  • Relaxation of the senses

In our modern spa center, you will be able to take care of yourself by enjoying pleasant and relaxing procedures. Including sauna, steam room, pools, massages and even beauty rituals that will make you look and feel great. A great way to unwind and re-energize for the next working day.

  • Escape the noise of the big city

Although you don’t have to visit the office, which probably saves you from the morning traffic, life in big cities is still noisy and full of tension. Long queues at shops, overcrowded public transport and even inconsiderate neighbors who will most likely also stay home longer are just some of the problems you have to contend with on a daily basis.

Ruskovets Thermal SPA & Ski Resort is located in the quiet and beautiful resort town of Dobrinishte, where you will forget about the noise, tension and neighbors. Our guests have the opportunity to choose independent family villas, where they can indulge in privacy and relaxation, and also try delicious dishes in the restaurants of the complex, which are prepared with fresh products.

  • New workplace, new ideas

хоум офис - креативност и свежест

Changing the work environment, especially when it is complemented by quality rest and relaxation, is an excellent prerequisite for getting new ideas to help you develop your creative projects and increase your productivity. All of this can bring great benefits to your career development and help you grow professionally.

Combine the pleasant and useful and enjoy a different experience with a home office in Ruskovets Thermal SPA & Ski Resort. We are expecting you!


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Vanya Grancharova

I actively participate in the cultural life of the tourist destination Bansko and I’m a member of the patriotic association "Dedo Lazko". I combine my commitments to the tourism business with teaching at the high school in Bansko. I am part of the author's team for the adaptation of „Slavic Bulgarian History“ for students. My favorite projects that I develop with passion and enthusiasm are: "Art Idea Bg" company for design, the internet portal for culinary tourism www.culinarytourism.bg and the "Taste of Bansko" project as entirely my author's spaces.