Directory of Pirin lodges – part 1

Pirin is one of the most impressive mountain ranges in Bulgaria. It stands out for its majestic peaks, crystal lakes and wild nature. Whether you are an avid mountaineer, a lover of long hikes, or just looking for peace in nature, the Pirin huts provide the coziness and comfort needed for an unforgettable mountain adventure. And you? Are you ready to explore these places? Grab your backpack and join us in this exciting adventure!

Which are the huts and shelters in Pirin that you can visit?

Knowing the lodges and shelters in Pirin is a valuable resource. That is why we at Ruskovets Resort have prepared for every mountain tourism fan a short “guide” with which you can explore one of the most beautiful mountains in Bulgaria.

In Pirin you can find many places that offer cosiness, hospitality and the opportunity for unforgettable experiences in nature. Each lodge is unique in its own way, providing different options for accommodation, dining and recreation.

хижа Безбог

Bezbog Hut

Bezbog Hut is located on the shore of Bezboj Lake at an altitude of 2236 meters. Access to the hut is facilitated thanks to the lift from Dobrinishte, as well as hiking routes that start from the same town. The lodge has 140 places for overnight stays, including shared bedrooms and suites with private bathroom and toilet. The lodge has a restaurant and cafe where guests can enjoy local dishes. Phone for information and reservations: 0888 286 102

хижа Бъндерица

Banderitsa hut

Banderitsa Hut is located on the Banderitsa River at 1810 meters above sea level. It is easily accessible from Bansko by car or on foot along the marked paths. The lodge offers around 200 overnight stays, spread over main buildings and bungalows, and has a restaurant and cafe. Contact phone: 0898 868 999.

хижа Вихрен

Whirlwind Hut

Vihren Hut is located on the Bunderitsa River, at an altitude of 1,950 meters and is the starting point for numerous routes to the peaks of Pirin. It can be reached from Bansko by car or on foot. The lodge has 196 beds, a restaurant, a kitchen and a bar. Contact phone: 0889 834 277.

Hut Gotse Delchev

Hut Gotse Delchev is located near the entrance to Pirin National Park and offers a unique combination of tranquility and access to numerous mountain routes. The lodge has 50 places for overnight stays and a cafe where you can try local specialties. Access to the hut is possible from the town of Gotse Delchev by car. Telephone for reservations: 074 472 120.

Demyanitsa hut

Demyanitsa Hut is located on the watershed of three rivers at an altitude of 1,895 meters. Access is facilitated from Bansko, by car or on foot along marked paths. The lodge offers 217 overnight beds in the main building and additional bungalows, as well as a restaurant and kitchen. Phone for information: 0886 495 970.

Kamenitsa Hut

Kamenica Hut is located on the banks of the Goat River at an altitude of 1,750 meters and offers 90 places for overnight stays. Access to the hut is easiest from the town of Sandanski, on foot or by car. The lodge has a restaurant and a shop for visitors. Contact phone: 0889 811 000.

хижа Лагера

Lagera Hut

Also known by its old name “The Willows”, Lagera is located in the heart of Pirin at an altitude of about 2,000 meters and is ideal for lovers of high mountain trekking. The lodge offers a limited number of accommodation and basic amenities for visitors, and access to it is a challenge that requires good preparation. Phone for questions: 0889 222 112.

Pirin offers a variety of tourist routes and attractions that can satisfy every taste and preference. From climbing high peaks like Vihren and Kutelo, through walks to crystal clear lakes like Okoto and Popovo Lake, to visiting waterfalls, Pirin is a real paradise for tourists and nature lovers. Mountain lodges offer an excellent base from which to launch these adventures, providing the necessary information and guidance for hikers. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we’ll reveal a few more spots where you can rest, eat, and enjoy the views while you’re summiting.

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