Bansko is our most famous winter resort, but for music lovers, lovers of the Bulgarian cultural heritage and simply wishing to combine their vacation with something interesting, fun and even extreme, the season for vacation in our beautiful mountain town is summer.
In the summer, Bansko becomes a huge stage for the performance of musical talents – rock, jazz and opera festivals are held in the square, under the starry sky. Let’s not forget that entry is free and everyone is welcome.
If you are a fan of vintage cars, if you like high-speed motorcycle racing or bike racing, don’t miss the vintage car parade, Bansko Nomad Festa and Hard Enduro Bansko.
No less attractive is the craft fair – hurka spinning, loom weaving, ceramic sculpting, crocheting, are crafts, which the younger generation can see live only here.
The cultural evenings with exhibitions, demonstrations and folklore performances of the self-made groups of the Municipality of Bansko, touch the soul and make us proud to be heirs of such rich traditions.
The unique traditions and nicknames arouse great interest in every guest who is lucky enough to visit the city in June, July or August. All of Bansko is in traditional costumes, and the people of Bansko sing and recreate beliefs and customs from the past.
The Days of Bulgarian Cinema and Bansko Film Fest introduce us to the exciting creations of Bulgarian film art.
For the youngest and extreme guests is the longest water slide on Banderishka Polyana. Summer activities in Bansko are already a fact – water slide, tubing chute, mini golf, mini football, climbing tower, bouncy castle, bicycles, walking tours, summer schedule of the lift.
But the most delicious of all events is the “Unique Bansko” culinary fest. Every restaurant, tavern and hotel in the town prepares its tastiest specialties and serves them on a huge table, and the guests eat with appetite the infamous Banska feasts and pasta desserts.
This is Bansko – thrill, emotion, a place where you can enjoy nature, break away from everyday life, feel the Bulgarian spirit and the joy of life!

Банско-месене на хлябБанско-регионална кухня

13 May

Retro Car Parade

23 June2July

Bansko Nomad Fest

24 25 June

Three Mountains Hard Enduro – motorcycle race

28 June – 2 July

Handicraft Fair

30 June03 october

Cultural Evenings Traditions & Art program –
exhibitions, demonstrations and folklore performance

1 July

Concert by amateur ensembles from Bansko Municipality

1 June – 2 September


Local summer rites, customs and traditions

/every saturday in the house of crafts/

8 July

Summer Opera Evening
The Csardas Princess

14 – 15 July

Pirin Rock Evenings with Johnny Giolei

21– 22 July

 Folklore Festival

         27 – 29 July

Summer cinema under the stars

5 – 12 August

Bansko Jazz Festival

18 – 19  August

Open-air cinema
In the heart of the Machine and Yellow Oleander

25 – 26 August

Bansko Opera Festival
The berber  of Seville and The Bodyguard musical

1-3 September

Culinary exhibition Unique Bansko

8 -10  September

Pirin Ultra Marathon

22 – 26 November

Bansko Film Fest

Picture of Vanya Grancharova

Vanya Grancharova

I actively participate in the cultural life of the tourist destination Bansko and I’m a member of the patriotic association "Dedo Lazko". I combine my commitments to the tourism business with teaching at the high school in Bansko. I am part of the author's team for the adaptation of „Slavic Bulgarian History“ for students. My favorite projects that I develop with passion and enthusiasm are: "Art Idea Bg" company for design, the internet portal for culinary tourism and the "Taste of Bansko" project as entirely my author's spaces.