The trademark beer for lovers is now in Ruskovets Resort

The summer heat is approaching. The Ruskovets Resort team is ready to offer its guests pleasant surprises. For the pleasant leisurely hours by the pool, we have prepared a chilled and sparkling lager beer, which has a reserved Pivokrator brand.

Who makes Pivokrator and what sets it apart from the rest

Pivokrator is a hand-crafted beer from a small, independent brewer “Go Craft” based in the village of Presiyan, Targovishko.

This is a classic European lager, also known as a Bohemian lager, brewed according to the best practices of quality beer production.

Pivokrator proizvodvo

The color of the beer is amber, with a strong aroma of hops and malt, foamy, caressing the senses and quenching thirst on hot days.

The alcohol content of the beer is 4.2%.

Raw materials for production

The water that is used to produce the beer is directly from the mountain, soft and ecologically clean, which is a basic requirement for a delicious beer.

Only natural raw materials are used for the production – a mix of three types of Bavarian malts, three types of hops, led by the Czech Žatec and carefully selected brewer’s yeast.

Brewing the beer

Fermentation is one of the key moments in the preparation of Pivokrator, which lasts 40 days. After this process is completed, natural natural soda is obtained.

The beer is prepared without filtration and pasteurization, which is why the authentic craft look and taste of the beer is due.

How Pivokrator preserves beer quality

The quality of the beer is preserved without preservatives and pasteurization thanks to the technological production process. At Pivokrator, technological processes are strictly observed without the access of oxygen, which is a catalyzing factor for oxidation.

In order to preserve the quality of the brewed beer, Pivokrator has chosen a lager with an innovative system. It provides conditions for the best way to store chilled draft beer.

The lagerotor has an attractive appearance. Its dimensions are 70 cm /70 cm and it has an impressive height of 2 m.


In the lager, there is continuous control of the beer storage temperature, the pressure is also controlled, which preserves the natural carbonation of the product.

Craft beer lovers consider brewing an art, and master brewers consider it an artist, because brewing requires craftsmanship, process knowledge, and a lot of love.

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Vanya Grancharova

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