Banderishki Lakes – a breathtaking view in Central Pirin

The weather now is  warm and you start thinking about your next beautiful destination to visit with friends or family. We suggest you head to central Pirin, where the Banderishki  Lakes are located. Breathtaking views, fresh air and a pleasant walk await you to the 16 beautiful lakes. Find out more about 5 of them in today’s article. More information, location and scheme of the lakes, you will find out in the following lines.

The Frog Lake

Жабешкото езеро

The Frog Lake is one of the 16 that are located within the reach of Central Pirin. It is also one of the few that has a name, because only 5 of them all have their own names. Frog Lake is the highest and its area is nearly 6 acres. You will see for yourself that the water is warm and that is why there are so many tadpoles, and that’s why it is called so.

In addition to the beautiful view, you can enjoy the paths that separate from the lake and go to Vihren, Demyanitsa hut and Tevno lake.

The Long Lake

Дългото езеро

Here is the lake, which is located in the innermost part of the valley. It is also called Gornoto Banderishko lake and is located about a kilometer from Banderishki chukar. A peak we recommend you to look out. A unique sight will be revealed Infront of your eyes, for which it is worth walking a long way to reach this lake. Its maximum depth is 10m, it is 460m long and 150m wide. And now let’s look at the Fish Banderishko Lake.

The Fish Banderishko Lake

The Muratovo Lake

Муратово езеро

It is also called Hvoinato and Ovinato lake and is situated below the Moratov peak in a small cirque. There are three tiny lakes around it. Its altitude is 2,230 m and has an area of 12,3 decares. The lake is only 3,2 m deep and the amount of water is 22,700 m³. In front of the lake is the Todorka peakit and the view is breathtaking. Don’t forget to take a good camera to be able to capture this moment.
The Eye Lake

Езеро Окото

Ravnashko lake, which is also known as Okoto Lake is located on a rock threshold above Vihren hut, being a relatively small lake. Its round shape gives it its name and it is so small that it is not even noticeable from the path, which is about 100 meters from it. Its area is only 2.5 acres, and it is about 5m deep. It is worth going to see it because its beauty is captivating and it will definitely leave a memory in your heart.

Haw to get to the Banderiski Lakes?

This route is relatively easy to cross and first of all you should go to Vihren peak because the lakes are located between it, Demyanitsa, Sinanitsa and Tevno lake.


The easiest way to reach it is to start from Bansko, where an asphalt road leads to an exit point to the top. The route is marked with red markings and passes almost all the lakes, only Muratovo Lake being exceptional.

The walk to the lakes will take you no more than 4-5 hours, including the stop for food and photos. The level of difficulty of the trek is average, but if you like to walk or are an experienced mountaineer, it will seem really “child’s work”.

It is worth taking a walk to all these lakes and don’t forget to inquire about the other sights around Bansko, Dobrinishte and Razlog. Ruskovets Resort awaits you for a stay with delicious food, many different apartments and villas, as well as a great SPA area, which we recommend you to use after the long hike.

The views you will enjoy are breathtaking. The rest will have a positive effect on you, and you will break away from the work and everyday environment. What are your available dates?

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