Activities in Rila National Park Rila is a priceless natural treasure and a sacred abode. The highest mountain in the Balkans, with its peak Musala, has kept secrets since ancient times, protected the largest Christian monastery of the Bulgarians: the Rila Monastery and inspired spiritual teachers such as Petar Danov.

Рила парк

Rila National Park itself was created in 1994. Since 1996 the center of management is in the city of Blagoevgrad. The area of the protected area is 10792.7 ha, and it includes four remarkable reserves: Iber, Central Rila Reserve, Parangalitsa and Skakavitsa. The territory of the park is divided into two zones: the northern part and the southern part. The Predel Pass is the border of the mountain massif with Pirin, and Yundola with the Rhodopes.

In the summer heat, the mountain provides coolness and freshness. The Ruskovets complex in Dobrinishte, with its favorable location between three mountains: Pirin, Rila and the Rhodopes, emerges as a suitable base camp for getting to know not only Pirin, whose summits are in view, but also Rila. The southern slopes of Rila are called by the local people Pripetka, because of the generous sunlight that surrounds them throughout the year.

7 Рилски езера

The approaches to this part of the mountain are the small towns of Belitsa with the resort area of Semkovo /18km. on an asphalt road/, Yakoruda with the Treshtenik hut, which is reached by an asphalt road with a length of 20 km. /the last 4 km of which are gravel/ and Belmeken – the high mountain sports base at 25 km. from Yundola. Rila National Park has an administrative office in the city of Razlog, located in the historic Kipreva House, where Levski in 1869. creates a secret revolutionary committee.

Tourist routes in Rila

If you are a fan of sports and mountain routes from Ruskovets, you can plan hikes in Rila in several directions, the distances to the entrances of the Rila park being no further than the similar portals in Pirin. The easier routes are:

  • From Belitsa to Semkovo hut by car and from there on foot to Vapa peak /2638m above sea level/ and Ribni ezera hut /2230m above sea level/. The entire route lasts 4.3 hours. Smradlivoto lake is nearby /at a distance of 0.45 hours/ – the largest high mountain lake on the Balkan Peninsula, 240 decares.
  • From the village of Dobarsko to the Dobarsko hut /1750 m above sea level /. The route can be combined with a visit to the unique church “St. Theodore Tiron and Theodore Stratilat” in Dobarsko. You can leave your car on the square and walk to the Dobarsko hut. The road passes through an old forest with many riches: mushrooms, berries and herbs. Two eco-trails have been built: the Rila primrose trail and the grouse trail. The duration of the ascent is an hour and a half. Neighboring sites are Ezernik peak at 2 hours, Macedonia hut at 3 hours, Semkovo hut at 4.30 hours, Chakalitsa hut at 4 hours
  • From Yakoruda to Treshtenik hut /1695m above sea level/. It can be reached by car and then take trails to the mountain heights. The good news is that a mountain hotel with the same name has been built near the hut, suitable for relaxation and delicious food. The surrounding routes are to: Nekhtenitsa locality for 1 hour; to Yakorud Lakes (Blue, Fish and Dead) in 2 hours. Serious preparation requires the ascent to the Granchar hut /3 hours/, to the peaks Suha Vapa (2640 masl) and Kovach /2634 masl/ for well-prepared and physically hardy tourists. From the routes indicated in this way, you can reach the emblematic Macedonia hut. The unevenness up there is serious, and the more practical tourists reach it from another direction – from Blagoevgrad and the area of Kartala and the Bodrost hut. The return from this point in the Razlog Basin to Predel Pass is a challenging but rewarding endeavor with beautiful views.
  • hut Macedonia – Mount Kapatnik – Predela town. The length of the route is 24.5 km and takes 7.30 hours.
  • hut Macedonia – Radovicka Reka – Rila Monastery.



  • The village of Bachevo is 17 km from Dobrinishte in the direction of Razlog. It is located on a hill with a height of 840m with a panoramic view of the Pirin ridge. The local people are hardworking farmers and horse breeders, jealously guarding their ancestral land. Equestrian sport has deep traditions. The most cherished holidays for the people of Bachev are the kushi on Todorovden, the general village meal on Gerg’ovden at the old sanctuary and subsequently the Christian chapel at Djerzhevata skala and Dimitrovden, which is celebrated with a large sacrifice in the church of the same name. Here, amateur and professional horse riding can be practiced in the built several horse bases. Nowadays, where the digital business engages more and more people away from nature, Perivolas Equestrian Center in Bachevo has an important mission – hippotherapy or therapeutic riding. Horses are noble animals. They feel their riders instinctively and with their smooth gait, which requires a certain posture, they help prevent spinal distortions.
  • село БачевоКонна езда в Рила

Trout fishing in the clear waters of the Bachevska river in the Perivol area. The swift Rila river is hidden under the shadow of old kuria /alder/. Perivol is a locality not far from Bachevo, which can be reached by a forest road. Wide flower meadows alternate with vegetable gardens, and untouched Rila forests give peace and complete enjoyment in the embrace of nature. Few people know about the priceless mineral spring Ruždavets before Bachevo. Its tepid water is known throughout the hollow to be a magical cure for open wounds and grazes. The bath is an outdoor warm with running water among the trees. It is free to use and is entirely left to the responsible behavior of its users!

  • ATV in the village of Godlevo, 20 km away. from Ruskovets

Hidden from casual glances, Godlevo during the Renaissance was a bright, pure Bulgarian village, with a merchant class and educated people. For the hollow it gives the most prepared daskals in times of darkness and darkness. They leave their bright mark in the history of education both in Bansko and in Mehomiya, Belitsa, Yakoruda and on the other side of the Pirin Mountains. In addition, Godlevo is known for its animal husbandry. The dairies for cheese, yellow cheese and butter are distinguished by ecological production and true Bulgarian taste. Among the preserved recipes of Godlevci are the buttermilk, freshly whipped fluffy butter and the cheese sandwich in several layers. Ecotourism is developing in Godlevo. The great holidays are the second day of Easter, St. Elijah and the Great Virgin. From sports activities, you can take advantage of an ATV ride along the old country roads connecting Bachevo, Godlevo and Dobarsko in one. And in this area, time has led to the unification of efforts, as the service is provided by several sports companies in Bansko.

  • The park for dancing bears in Belitsa, 25 km from Dobrinishte

The humanitarian project of the French actress Brigitte Burdeau is among the emblems of the tourism of the Southwest. It takes place in a 12 km remote area near Belitsa, in an area close to the natural environment. It covers an area of 120,000 m² at an altitude between 1200 and 1345m. Summer opening hours: 12:00 – 18:00 (April-June); 10:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 18:00 (July-August). Until a few years ago, visiting the park was free and a matter of donations to visitors, but today it is paid. The price is BGN 10. for an adult and BGN 3. for children. Group visits require prior reservation and are availed of preferential tickets: children from 7 to 18 years old. – BGN 2, and adults – BGN 6.

Nearby is the attractive mountain train with a length of 1400 m. and a picnic area with tables and benches. The destination is also known for its fishing. You can visit the fishing pond and fish restaurant near Belitsa on the way to Semkovo. Its value lies in the fact that it is by the river and the water is completely flowing, which is extremely important for the cleanliness and taste of the fish.

Families with children can have great fun in the zoo with all kinds of domestic animals and birds, swings and slides.

Vanya Grancharova

Vanya Grancharova

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