Spring is already here and with it comes one of the brightest Christian holidays – Easter. Usually, these days are holidays and traditionally most people choose to celebrate it with family, relatives or friends. If you are looking for ideas on how to spend Easter holidays this year, in the following lines we have selected some interesting ideas especially for you:

Traditional lunch at home

традиционен Великденски обяд с агнешко

Family lunch is a great opportunity to gather your closest people around the table. Get ready to cook delicious meals. Roast lamb and green salad are traditionally present on the table, as well as Easter eggs which everyone beats each other for health. For dessert you can have a sweet kozunak or Easter cookies. Enjoy the time spent together with the whole family!

Picnic in nature

Пикник в Пирин планина по Великден

If you don’t feel like spending the holiday at home and instead want to make the most of the warming weather outside, you can have a nice picnic in nature. Whether you choose to spend the day in a nearby park, or you decide to visit a new place out of town, a picnic is a great way to welcome the Easter holidays. In addition to packing food, be sure to bring sports equipment, games or other activities to make the experience even more fun for everyone.

Active tourism

Razhodka v planinata po Velikden

The long weekends around Easter and St. George’s Day tempt us to travel more and indulge in active tourism. Given the situation, the major tourist attractions remain in the background and in their place come the less known and peaceful corners of the homeland.

This is a great opportunity to conquer a peak or simply indulge in a pleasant hike along one of the green and beautiful eco-paths in our country. Thus, you will help your body to relax and get rid of the stress accumulated before.

If you are wondering which destination to choose, the Pirin area has many sights and natural beauties to visit. So, if you do not chose a destination, we recommend to look at the possibilities in the Bansko area.

Spa holiday in the mountains

спа почивка в планината през празниците

In case you need to indulge in total relaxation and forget about all your problems, an Easter spa holiday will do this. You have the opportunity to enjoy peace, beautiful nature, fresh air, spa treatments and sunny weather arround the pool. This is the perfect recipe that will allow your senses to relax completely and recharge your batteries for the upcoming working days.

You still have the opportunity to organize it with friends or bet on a family vacation. At Ruskovets Hotel you will find everything you need to enjoy a wonderful holiday vacation. See our offer for the Easter holidays.

As you can see for yourself, there are so many ways to welcome this bright holiday. Wherever and however you decide to mark it, make sure you’re in the company of your loved ones and make the most of the time you’ll spend together.

The team of Ruskovets Resort wishes you happy Easter holidays!


Picture of Vanya Grancharova

Vanya Grancharova

I actively participate in the cultural life of the tourist destination Bansko and I’m a member of the patriotic association "Dedo Lazko". I combine my commitments to the tourism business with teaching at the high school in Bansko. I am part of the author's team for the adaptation of „Slavic Bulgarian History“ for students. My favorite projects that I develop with passion and enthusiasm are: "Art Idea Bg" company for design, the internet portal for culinary tourism www.culinarytourism.bg and the "Taste of Bansko" project as entirely my author's spaces.