Dobrinishte – cultural calendar Summer 2023

Dobrinishte – Summer 2023

Гергьовден в ДобринищеВеликден Добринище1-ви май ДобринищеКитеник

Dobrinishte – the small resort town between 3 mountains, combining history, traditions and natural features!

Since Roman times, Dobrinishte has been known for its unique mineral springs, from which healing mineral water gushes.

Nowadays, this invaluable natural resource is used to delight numerous tourists during the summer. But in addition to nature, the Town Hall of Dobrinishte also offers experiences related to local traditions and customs.

If you decide to choose a hotel in Dobrinishte for your summer vacation, don’t miss the Cultural Calendar for Summer 2023.

If you want more emotions, you can jump to Bansko, which is only 6 km away. and offers an extremely rich and varied cultural and sports summer program.

The choice is yours, we are waiting for you!

June 24 – Azat International Children’s Dance Festival

July 8 – Opening of “Dobrinish Summer”

July 15 – Folklore series “Dobrinish summer”

July 22 – Folklore series “Dobrynish summer”

July 29 – Folklore series “Dobrynish summer”

            August /every Wednesday/ “Fun Children’s Summer”

            August / every Friday “Summer cinema under the stars”

August 5 – Folklore series “Dobrinish summer”

August 12 – Folklore series “Dobrinish summer”

August 13 – Traditional assembly of h. Gotse Delchev “120 years Ilinden – Preobrazhen Uprising”

August 19 – Folklore series “Dobrinish summer”

August 26 – Folklore series “Dobrinish summer”

September 02 – Folklore series “Dobrinish summer”

September 9 – Closing “Dobrinishka Summer”

September 16 – 6th International Folklore Festival for Dance Clubs “Scarena Tomna”

September 22 – Holiday of the city of Dobrinishte

На площада в Добринище

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