The Park of the Dancing Bears

The Dancing Bears Park is a remarkable project for protection of the bears, supported by the French actress Brigitte Bardo. It is located near the town of Belitsa, at 1345m above the sea level, on an area of 120 hectares. There are 2 information centers and a medical center for animals on its territory. The borders of the park are 3 km. and 326 m length. More than 20 bears live here, including several “foreigners” from Serbia and Albania.

There is an admission fee. Тhe story of the inhabitants is introduced to the visitors through short movies in the information center. Observing the bears is completely safe and very interesting. Each animal has its own specific character and habits. Some of them are more friendly and curious, others are shy or with tough character. They are divided into 7 different living areas according to their habits and preferences.

Working Hous:
12: 00-18:00 –  April – June
10: 00-12: 00 and 13:00 – 18:00 – July – August
12:00-18:00 – September – November

A previous reservation is required for group Tel.: 0882 44 13 77 / 0888 926 969

Парк за танцуващи мечки