Banderishka Polyana

Banderishka polyana /1635m./ is always in the center of everything important.

There are several nice restaurants, a ski kindergarden, cross-country skiing tracks, a stadium and a shooting range for biathlon in this area. The panorama is amazingly beautiful. You can see the high peaks of Vihren, Kutelo and Cherna Mogila, as well as the “Tomba” ski slope, which hosts the World Ski cup every year.

From Banderishka polyana starts several lifts that bring skiers up to the top of the peak Todorka at 2600m.

Shiligarnika (1725m) is a common choice of skiers because of the convenient location and the very popular Todorka and Balkaniada ski slopes.

The sloping flanks of “Platoto” are perfect for intermediate skiers. The Plato area reveals an amazing landscape views of snow-white mountain tops in the east. Here are two alpine-slype restaurants and it is the best place for sunbathing during the winter.

Бъндеришка поляна