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The present confidentiality policy is applying for Ruskovets Thermal SPA & SKI Resort.

At Ruskovets Thermal Resort we strive to provide exceptional products, services and experience. We highly appreciate our business activity but what is more important – your loyalty. We know that the confidentiality is a matter of importance.

We have prepared this policy in order to explain our practices regarding the personal data collected from you or for you on this website or through our applications, written or verbal communication with us when you visit our place or from another sources.

By using whichever of our products or services and/or by accepting the current Policy like for instance in the course of the registration for whichever of our products or services, you agree with the collection and the processing of the personal data as described in the present document. 


In each point of contact or interaction with the guests or at the implementation of all aspects of our activity it is possible that we would collect personal data. Those personal data might include information for contact with you, information related to your reservation, stay or visit; participation in a program for membership or for loyal customers; participation in a competition, lottery or marketing program; information related to the purchase or receipt of products or services; personal features, nationality, earnings, passport number, date and place of passport issuance; travel history, payment information like for example your payment card number and other information about it, as well as information for certification and other details for invoicing purpose and payment account related to mobile payments, guests’ preferences; preferences about communication and marketing; information about vehicles that can be driven in our place; another type of information that you have decided to submit or we can receive from you.

Furthermore, we collect another personal data in some occasions such as:

* Participation in the Loyalty program for customers of Ruskovets Resort on the site: www.ruskovets.com. When you subscribe in our program, we will invite you to insert your email, facebook or google + profile for you to profit from all advantages of the program.

*Researches: You might be asked for demographic data or other personal data in consumer researches.

* Information collection on site: We collect additional personal data when registering in our site, including data that can be required according to the law. We may also use a system for video surveillance and another security measures throughout the resort which could take or save a photo of the guests or visitors in the common areas, together with information related to your location during your stay in our resort (by means of access cards or other technologies). We may use also a system of video monitoring and other technologies for video recording so to ensure security to our employees, guests and visitors of our places, when it is allowed by the law. Also, we can collect personal data in relation with the services delivered within the resort such as “concierge”, fitness club, SPA center, events, baby-sitting, equipment rental.

* Profile for events: If you are planning to organize an event with us, we collect details about this event, the date of event, number of guests, details about the guests’ rooms and when it is a corporate event – information about your company. Also, we collect information about the guests who are taking part in your event. If you visit us as a participant in an event, we may dispose of your personal data provided by the group and you could receive our offers as a result of your stay in a group or participation in an event depending on your preferences and in so far as it is allowed by the law. If you visit us as a participant in an event, we may share your personal data with the organisers of the event as far as it is allowed by the law. If you are organizing an event with us, we may share information about your event with third party service providers who possibly will offer you their services so far as it is allowed by the law.

* Social networks: If you chose to participate in activities or offers in the social networks sponsored by Ruskovets Resort, we may receive a specific information from your account in the social networks based on your settings like for example your location, registrations, activities, interests, photos, status updates and list of friends. We may also offer you the opportunity to participate in photography competitions for example pictures taken during your stay with us that you can share with your contacts in the social networks for review with voting, shared offers or other promotions.

* Forward to a friend: Periodically we offer you the option to send a digital postcard or share a message with a friend in another way like for example on internet or mobile device. If you decide to use this functionality, we will ask you to provide the name and email of the recipient along with the text of each message you decide to send. By using this functionality, you declare that you have the right to use and to provide us with the name and email of the recipient for this purpose.

Except the information we collect from you directly we may also conclude information for you from the data you provide to us or from another information we receive.


We can also collect information for you from third parties including our partners for payment cards and others, from your services for social networks in compliance with your settings for those services and from other sources which are third parties and have the legal right to share your data with us. We use and share this information (and can add this information to the information we already have for you) for purposes described in the current Policy.


We use your personal data in many different ways including with the purpose of delivering and personalizing the services that you request and expect from Ruskovets Resort, ensuring the hospitality in the room and everywhere in our places as expected, management of the loyalty program, conducting marketing promotions and sales as it is described in more details below.

* Members of the Program for loyal customers: If you are a member of our program we use your personal data to personalize your experience from using our services. Also we use your data for news distribution, promotional materials and materials for transactions of different services of Ruskovets Resort and for personalization of publicities and content that you receive online, by email, mobile and visual publicities, as well as on our website and on our social networks profiles, depending on the preferences you have selected for message allowance.

*  Meeting and event planning: We may use your personal data in order to ensure information about the planning of meetings and events.

* Marketing and communications: Within the permitted range we may use your personal data to send or offer you our newsbulletins, promotions and actual special offers as well as other marketing messages depending on the preferences you have selected for message allowance. We use your personal data in order to deliver you messages during your stay, notifications regarding accounts and booking confirmations, to send you marketing messages and initiating researches, lottery betting, lottery and other contests. We may provide these communications by email, mail, social networks, phone, text message /including SMS and MMS/, directed notifications, messages in the applications and other means (including messages in the resort’s places such as the TV in your room). With your consent we also use content generated from consomers (pictures for example) from the social network’s services for provision of visual publicities or on our websites or in our applications. We may also collect information about your payment card that can be added to your personal data and used by Ruskovets Resort in order to provide and/or send you directed marketing messages based on your method of payment and depending on your preferences for message allowance. We may also be partners with third parties so to find out whether one visitor of our place has an offer for discount for immediate payment related to his/ her card and to provide to the visitor publicities and information, clarifying how to profit from this offer during his/ her stay at Ruskovets Resort.

* Improvement of services: We may use your personal data for the purposes of service improvement at Ruskovets Resort and to guarantee that our places, products and services attract your interest. Also, we use your personal data for providing the expected level of hospitality in the room and within the resort’s places. This may include providing the option for control of the technologies in your room through our website or applications from your own devices.

* Accuracy, analyse and personalization of the data: Also we can summarize your personal data with information from third party sources in order to keep the information actual and for analyse. Also, we can rely on information from third party to provide better and more personalized service. If you for instance connect your services for social networks or other accounts with our services, we may use this information to provide to you more personal and social experience with us, or to share and use it according to what is described elsewhere in this Declaration.


In order to offer you the expected level of hospitality and the best service, we may share your personal data with our service suppliers or other third parties as described in detail below:

* Group events and meetings:  If you visit Ruskovets Resort as part of a group event or meeting, the gathered information about the planning of the meeting or the event will be shared with the organizers of those meetings or events and if necessary, with the guests who organize or participate in the meeting or event.

* Commercial partners: We may cooperate with other companies for the delivery of products, services or offers based on your experience in our places and respectively we may share your data with our commercial partners. For example, we can help with renting a car or other services from our commercial partners as well as sharing personal data with our commercial partners in order to deliver these services. We can also share your personal data such as your email with our corporate partners in the tourism industry or to participate in marketing activities with the participation of other trends together with our corporate partners in the tourism sector.

* Services in the resort: We may share personal data with third party suppliers, delivering services within the resort such as concierge, spa procedures, golf or restaurant services.

* Suppliers of services: We count on third parties to provide products and services from our part and we can share your personal data with them as advisable. As a matter of principle our service suppliers are contractually obligated to protect your personal data and they don’t have the right to use or share your personal data in any other way but according to the law’s requirements. Regardless of the above, our service suppliers for deception reveal can use your personal data without disclosing it, for the purpose of the deception reveal. We may use service suppliers to announce news to you or to distribute promotional materials or materials for transactions on our behalf including personalized online and mobile publicities depending on your preferences and applicable laws.

* Others:  Despite Ruskovets Resort may disclose personal data in order to:

– comply to the applicable laws.

– respond to the requests on behalf of the municipality or demands from the public authorities.

– comply to the available legal procedures.

– protect  the rights, confidentiality, safety or property of Ruskovets Resort, website’s visitors, guests, employees and society.

– empower us to claim compensation or limiting the damages that can be done to us.

– apply the rules and terms of our websites and react in emergencies.


When you visit and use the website of Ruskovets Resort, we collect other data that don’t reveal your identity directly for the use of the website from your part like for example the catalogue with the sites that you visit and the number of your visits  on our websites (“Other information”). We utilize cookies and other technologies (like for instance “pixel labels”, “web lighthouses”, “pure GIF”, links in emails, JavaScript, ID of devices, appointed by Google or Apple or similar technologies) in order to receive this information. If you wish to remove or block Cookies at any time from your device, you can update the settings on your browser (see the Help menu of your browser to learn how to remove or block the Cookies). Ruskovets Resort is not responsible for the settings of your browser. You can find good or simple instructions for the cookies management for the different types of web browsers at www.allaboutcookies.org.

Notice for the citizens of EU:  If you are in Europe, you can change your cookies preferences as well by making changes in “Cookies settings”.


The term “sensitive information” refers to the information related to your race or ethnic belonging, politic outlook, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership in trade unions, health state, sexual life or sexual orientation, genetic information, judicial background and all biometric data used to identify somebody. We do not collect confidential information that is not provided voluntarily from you. We may use health information provided by you for ensuring better service and meeting your specific needs (for example to provide access for disabled people).


We do not collect personal data from persons above 18 years old intentionally. Being a parent or a legal guardian, please do not allow your children to send personal data without your consent.


Our website can contain links to the websites of third parties. Please take into consideration that we do not bear the responsibility for the collection, use, support, share or revealing of the data and information from those third parties. If you provide information and use third party’s websites the related rules for confidentiality and therms of the service of those sites will apply. We suggest that you read the confidentiality rules of the websites that you visit before sending personal data.


Ruskovets Resort will take measures, within reasonable limits, to: protect personal information against unaccredited access, revealing, change or destruction and will keep the personal data accurate and actual as suitable. We also require from the service suppliers with which we share personal data to put reasonable efforts in ensuring the confidentiality of your personal data. For online transactions we use technological means within reasonable limits for protection of the personal data that you send us through our website.  However, unfortunately, there is no security system or system for data transfer on internet which is completely secure.

We will contact you by mobile/ text message or email in order to ask you providing us your confidential personal data or data for your payment card. We will require data for your payment card by phone only when you make reservation or book a promotional package.


Within the range of the applicable laws, you can request to receive information about your personal data that we preserve and when it is suitable to request update, correction and/or erasure of your personal data that we keep in our active data base. We will make all necessary updates and changes within the timeframe, defined in the applicable laws and where allowed by the law.  Such requests must be sent in written form to sales@ruskovets.com. In order to protect the confidentiality of your personal data, we can respond to these requests only through the email that you have subscribed with or provided in any other way.  Please remember that if you make such a request, we might not be able to provide the same quality and variety of services like the one you have experienced before.


We store your personal data for the time needed for achieving our goals, described in this Policy except when a longer safekeeping time is required in compliance with the applicable laws.

We will destroy your personal data as soon as possible and in such a way that they could not be re-created or restored.

If they exist printed on a piece of paper, the personal data will be destroyed in a secure way like through machine cutting in small pieces or paper burning or in any other way, and if they are in electronic form, the personal data will be destroyed through technical means so not to be re-created or restored.


We can modify this Policy upon law changes. You will understand about the updates of the present document by checking the link and the date in the beginning. All changes in our Policy will come into force with the publication of the changed Policy on the website. By using the website and/or whichever of our products or services, you accept the operative, changed by the moment Policy.


If you have any questions regarding this Policy or the way Ruskovets Resort process your personal data you can contact us by email at sales@ruskovets.com or by post at the following address: 1, Neznaen voin Str., Dobrinishte 2777, Ruskovets Resort.

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