FAMILY FUN for children and adults

11.08.2019 - 25.08.2019

от 336 €

The program Family Fun is created to grant time for communication and entertainment of the whole family.

An extra bonus is the real relax in the course of the mini holiday attaint through the healing effect of the thermal water of Dobrinishte and energy recharge with daily walks in the mountain!

Mountain sun tanning over an open space panoramic terrace and outdoor jacuzzis with thermal water!

Games, laughter and amusements for the whole family will make the 6-day stay with us unforgettable! The break with your loved ones will compensate the lack of time for conversations during the strenuous business days!

Location: Ruskovets Thermal SPA & Ski Resort

Starting dates of the program, on schedule:

  • These dates are subject to changes based on market demand

Participants: adults with children and beloved people

Duration: from Sunday to Friday, 5 nights/6 days

  • The program Family Fun is being organized by Ruskovets Thermal SPA & Ski Resort. The hotel resort is situated at the foot of the Pirin mountains over an area of 20 000 square meters, only 6 km away from Bansko.
  • The swimming pools are with thermal water.
  • The food is delicious “homemade” prepared with pure ingredients from the region.
  • We ensure safety and security within the resort providing 24-hours supervision.
  • Free parking spots near the hotel’s main building and next to each villa.


  • Comfortable accommodation in hotel apartments from 60 square meters or detached family houses from 118 square meters.
  • 3-time nutrition with delicious, freshly prepared meals from the local cuisine
  • Morning energization with silver water from the thermal spring of Dobrinishte
  • Morning breathing and yoga practices in open air
  • Daily walks in the mountain with a sport animator. A bottle of mineral water 330 ml. will be also provided for free.
  • Afternoon family games with a sport animator.
  • Time for folkloric dances, entertainment, talent manifestation and laughter

Every day, no limit:

  • Use of swimming pools with thermal water for children and adults, sauna, steam baths, Kneipp bench, fitness center
  • Outdoor jacuzzis with thermal water and option for sunbathing on the open space panoramic terrace with loungers and umbrellas.
  • Babysitter for children aged 3 to 14 years old in the kid’s club or playing on the outdoor playground with swings and slides. Electronic games and play stations for the eldest children

Extra bonus:

  • For those guests who wish to extend their stay for the weekend we offer a package rate with 5% discount.
  • For all participants in the program we provide a 10% discount for all therapies in Onsen Wellness center Ruskovets. Each therapy must be scheduled to end before 4 p.m.
TYPE OF ACCOMMODATIONPackage rate for full board /breakfast, lunch, dinner/ for 5 nights / 6 days in apartment or villa
Starting dates:11.08. / 25.08.2019
HOTEL’S MAIN BUILDING accommodation in AP. JUNIOR, for 5 nights
For 1 adult, single accommodation in apartment (60 sq.m)336 €
For 2 adults in apartment (60 sq.m)534 €
For 4 adults in a Villa Family Comfort with 2 bedrooms (118 sq. m.)1048
For 2 adults in a villa Comfort with 1 bedroom (98 sq. m.)604 €
Supplement payment for 1 child up to 13.99 years old with one or two adults, in apartment or villa, full board and animation, for 5 nights
For 1 child up to 13.99 years old with one or two74 €


  • Accommodation – in ap. Junior or Villa Family Comfort with free wi-fi internet, mini safe box, minibar, kitchenette with cutlery and tableware, bathroom with bathrobes and cosmetics, telephone and satellite TV.
  • Full board with delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners at Lavender restaurant.
  • Morning breathing and yoga practices in open air with Deny.
  • Daily drinking of silver water.
  • Daily family mountain walks with a guide. The hotel ensures transport /bus/ for some itineraries and a bottle of mineral water for everybody.
  • Daily sport family games, outdoor bowling, games with a parachute, sponge, relay games, target practice, talents evening.
  • Folkloric dance lessons on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • A day trip to the Dancing bears park.

AND MORE:                                      

  • Free Wi-fi coverage within the resort
  • Free access to the children’s klub and special entertaining program for kids from 3 to 10 years old. For children under 3 years should be accompanied by an adult.
  • Fitness center overviewing Pirin mountains with TechnoGym equipment.
  • Indoor thermal swimming pool with water temperature 30°С. Indoor children’s thermal pool with water temperature 33°С.
  • Outdoor wooden jacuzzis with mineral water and a spacious terrace for sun bathing and relax offering a unique panoramic view to Pirin mountains.
  • Car parking to the hotel’s main building and individual parking spot to each villa.
  • 9% VAT


The rate does not include a tourist tax and insurance – EUR 0.51 per tourist, per night, payable on site.


  • The program will take place if at least 10 participants have subscribed for the defined date.
  • The lunches and dinners are served on a buffet table if there are at least 25 guests or on a 3-course set menu.

A sample day by hours:

8:15 – 8:45 – morning breathing and yoga exercises
8:45 – 9:30 – breakfast at restaurant Lavender
9:30 – 12:10 – get on the bus and heading to the mountain
12:30 – back to the hotel
12:30 – 13:30 – lunch at restaurant Lavender
13:30 – 15:00 – free time for SPA, sunbathing on the panoramic terrace of the hotel
15:00 – 17:00 – sport animation and outdoor games
17:00 – 18:00 – folkloric dance lessons /on Tuesday and Wednesday/
18:00 – 19:30 – free time for SPA
19:30 – 22:00  – dinner

Activities by days of the week

Sunday – accommodation, SPA, dinner from 7.30 p.m. at restaurant Lavender

Monday – walking trip to “St. Nikola” site / the Nameless town

Tuesday – walking trip to “St. Panteleymon” monastery. Folkloric dance lesson.

Wednesday – day trip to the “Dancing bears park”, Belitsa. The entrance fee for the park is included in the package rate. Folkloric dance lesson.

Thursday – walking trip to Baykusheva mura. Talents evening (individual and family performance).

Friday – trip to the village of Dobarsko and visit of the church “St. St. Theodore Tiron and Theodore Stratelates”. The entrance to the church is free but if you wish to have a lecture, you need to pay for extra.

Return to the hotel by 11.30 a.m. Lunch and check-out.

More about the walking tours


  • The area of ​St. Nikola / The Nameless town (Bezimenniya grad) – 3-5 km. away from the resort

The Early Christian basilica from the IV century has been built on a hill in the North Pirin. It was discovered in 2003, when the chapel of St. Nicholas were reconstructing. A necropolis with 28 graves was discovered. There is a theory that the skeletons in the graves are Thracians, from the Dai tribe.

After 30 minutes walking along the eco-trail St. Nicola, you will reach a cliff with an incredible panorama view to Dobrinishte. After the rock, the road splits into two trails. One of them leads to the chapel and the village and the second goes down and reaches the river where you can admire the waterfall.


  • “St. Panteleimon” Monastery – 6 km away from the resort

The monastery is about 6 km away. from Dobrinishte. There is a dispute whether it is in the territory of the village of Obidim or Dobrinishte. The only way to reach the monastery is from Dobrinishte. The trip is very pleasant, and the path goes through a wonderful forest. On the way to the monastery there is ayazmo (a fountain) with healing water.


  • Trip to the “Dancing bears park”, Belitsa Village – 35 km away from the resort

It is situated in a picturesque forest area of 120 hectares The Dancing Bears Park is a remarkable project for protection of the bears, supported by the French actress Brigitte Bardo, “Chetiri lapi” foundation and Belitsa Municipality. More than 25 bears live here. The park is attractive for adults and it is an emotional adventure for the children. There are few meadows for playing and picnic nearby.


  • Baikusheva Mura – 18 km away from the resort

It was discovered in the distant 1897 by the arboriculturist Baikushev, from where comes its name. This black fir tree grows at 1930 meters above the sea level and is about 18 km away from Dobrinishte in Banderitsa hut direction.

Its age, which is over 1300 years old, makes it the oldest tree in Bulgaria and one of the oldest trees in the world.

The height is more than 26 m, the diameter is 2.48 m and the circumference – 7.80 m.


  • “Sts. Theodore Tiron and Theodore Stratelates” church in village of Dobarsko – 26 km away from the hotel

A unique three-nave basilica from the late Middle Ages of the 17th century, which donor is Bogdanov. The church is very small and maintains almost the same temperature throughout the year. The picturesque decoration of the temple is unique with its 460 frescoes. The painters are from the Master Pimen Zografski school. It is famous with its non-typical for the Christian painting canon symbols and images of numerous full-length figures. An image of Jesus Christ in a space rocket provokes many hypotheses about the origin of the Earth.

Do not miss the opportunity of having an active holiday where you will enjoy the nature, the free time for yourself, the communication with your loved ones, the thermal water and the delicious, homemade food from the region!

Charge yourself with energy and strength from the nature so to get ready for meeting your next business challenges and overcome them with gusto!

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FAMILY FUN for children and adults

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