Landmarks in and around Dobrinishte

The nice spring weather already reminds us that it’s time to find a unique place to have a good rest. The truth is, it’s getting harder and harder to please the whole family and keep everyone entertained. Therefore, it is important to research the place so that everyone can enjoy a pleasant time in the city where you want to stay. In today’s article, we will help you choose the landmarks to see in and around Dobrinishte.

Icon exhibition in Bansko

In addition to vacation, it is important to see the sights of the city or those of the cities around it. In this way, you will be able to touch the history and manage to get acquainted with more new things. We suggest you go to the permanent icon exhibition, which you will see in the oldest building in Bansko – Metoha of the Hilendar monastery.

This is the most visited landmark in Bansko. Nuns lived there and it was extremely important to preserve the spiritual hearth on our lands. You will be able to enjoy true craftsmanship that will leave a lasting impression on your mind. You will feel great, you will be able to look at amazing works that date back to the 18th century.

Choose the right hotel that is close to the cities you want to explore. Arrange according to your needs and let the icons be the first place you look.

Nikola Vaptsarov Museum

This museum is located in the center of Bansko. Open restaurants surround the large square where you can have a leisurely lunch and enjoy a day spent there. The museum opened its doors in 1953 and is located in the poet’s home. There you will get to know his life, all his works and, of course, his creativity. He lived there with his family, which to this day arouses respect and interest in every Bulgarian.

Entering, you will notice that the spirit of the times has been preserved, and this is thanks to Vaptsarov’s mother, Elena, and his brother, Boris. The entire life of the poet is shown in his home and you can touch it. The museum is open year-round, which means you can enjoy it every single day. Make your schedule so that you drink your coffee in the center of Bansko, then go to the museum, and in the afternoon enjoy the SPA area at the Ruskovets Resort.


Horse Riding Ongle

If you love animals or have children to whom you want to show the majestic horses, you should head to Dobrinishte. Horse riding can be enjoyed there during the summer and winter seasons. You can also get help with giving lessons if you want to try riding. Experienced instructors will choose the right horse for you and you will be able to use your vacation time to the fullest.

If horse riding isn’t your thing you can just walk. It is located next to Dobrinishte. You will be able to take nice photos, and you will be able to drink aromatic coffee in the company of the beautiful animals. If you have children, they will be fascinated by the beauty and speed of horses.

Choose the landmarks in Dobrinishte

In addition to all the landmarks that you can see in the surroundings, it is important to have a choice in the area where you are staying. Therefore, head for the mineral waters that Dobrinishte is famous for. You can also explore the magnificent church of St. St. Peter and Paul. If you like nature, it’s a good idea to go to a certain narrow-gauge railway that tirelessly follows the Septemvri – Dobrinishte route.

Choose the right hotel

In order to be in close proximity to all these and many other attractions, it is important to choose a hotel that is a few minutes’ drive from them. This is exactly what the Ruskovets Reosort is. It offers you a wide variety of houses and apartments that you can choose according to your needs or the number of your family and friends.

Remember that in addition to new experiences, history and walks, you also went for a nice vacation. Therefore, spend the afternoons in the SPA area, where you will enjoy massages, pools and other relaxation areas. The large yard space gives you the opportunity not to even leave the hotel, and the children can play inside the children’s corner and outside.

In order to make your vacation unforgettable, it is important to make your program so that you have a lot of variety. Prepare more activities for your children as Ruskovets Resort is prepared with them. It’s also important to have the privacy and rest you need. Regarding the landmarks, it is good to research in advance and mark those that you definitely want to visit. Did you choose an apartment or a luxury vila?

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